Feb 4, 2016 | By Tess

Additive manufacturing tech company Airwolf 3D just announced the release of their new product, Wolfbite NITRO, a 3D printing adhesive to be used specifically with nylon and nylon alloy polymer blends. For the makers among us who have struggled to 3D print in nylon without warpage or lifting, the answer may now be here.

Many makers prefer working with nylon over other materials because of its strength and flexibility, as well as its ability to resist high temperatures and shrinkage. The downside, however, has been that nylon materials do not adhere to the 3D printer build plates, traditionally made from glass, which can result in a slightly warped final object. To remedy this phenomenon, Airwolf 3D has developed a proprietary 3D printing nylon adhesive that both adheres the nylon 3D printed object to the build plate during printing and unsticks when the build plate has cooled down, to easily remove the object.

“As a leading manufacturer of high-temperature 3D printers that excel at producing large 3D printed parts in Nylon and Nylon based materials, we are aware of the frustrations that users have with the bed adhesion of their Nylon parts”, says Erick Wolf, co-founder of Airwolf 3D.

Before Wolfbite NITRO, the most common method for getting nylon 3D prints to bond to the glass build plates was to combine PET film and washable glue, which was not only quite messy and expensive, but also limited makers to small nylon prints because of frequent debonding.

”For the first time, 3D printer users can directly print Nylon on glass substrates. We’re extremely proud to have developed the first solution capable of effectively bonding Nylon to glass and ceramic build surfaces,” says Erick Wolf. ”The result is that users will see substantial improvement in the output of their Nylon 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite NITRO™.”

Wolfbite NITRO can be used with any 3D printer that is equipped with a heated print bed made from either ceramic or glass. The product is available for purchase in a 2 fluid ounce container and comes with a foam brush applicator to easily apply the adhesive to the build plate. Currently, the 3D printing nylon adhesive is retailing for the special price of $19.95 on Airwolf 3D’s website.

“This new, environmentally friendly solution resolves the acute problem of Nylon-based 3D printing, part adhesion and warpage. The solution combines the latest results in the area of poly electrolyte chemistry, advanced polymer science and nano technology creating the best possible 3D Printing Nylon Adhesive solution. In terms of the bonding strength, this is the strongest Wolfbite solution developed, and is the only solution in the world which allows direct printing of large Nylon parts directly to glass,” says Dr. Micic, department chairman at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California, and an expert in polymer chemistry and additive manufacturing. Dr. Micic collaborated with Airwolf 3D to develop the nylon 3D printing adhesive.

Airwolf 3D’s other Wolfbite products include Wolfbite MEGA used for 3D printing polycarbonates, Wolfbite for ABS, PETG, TPU, and TPE, and Wolfbite Nano for PLA materials. If you happen to be attending any tech conferences that may be coming up, Airwolf 3D will also be demonstrating their new product at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing event, ATX West, Electronics West, WestPack, PLASTEC West, MD&M West, and the Quality Expo in Anaheim, California.



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