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There are a lot of websites out there for makers to find and download pre-made 3D printable models—in fact, we even rounded up a list of the 10 Best Sites to Download Free STL Files for 3D Printing. And while most of those are great for finding a huge variety of 3D printable objects, from household items to fashion accessories to very specific robotic components, today a brand new 3D model platform has emerged that is targeting a very specific category of makers.

Thermaltake, a global company that manufactures power supplies, cooling solutions and computer cases, has just launched 3DMakers, a brand new professional website where users can upload and download free 3D printable PC mods, case components and accessories, all in 3D-print-ready STL file format. Essentially, it aims to be the Thingiverse for case modders.

"The maker movement is a trend that has led to the creation of numerous technology products, accelerating the amount of information available to individuals and the decreasing cost of components," said Thermaltake. "In essence, the word maker in PC industry is closely bonded with 'DIY' and 'Modding', affecting more people than ever before. With the 3D printing platform, makers who joined the community can custom/personalize their chassis into unique style, and get inspired from other makers worldwide."

3DMakers already features its first set of company-created 3D printable accessories, designed for Thermaltake’s Core P5 chassis. These include brackets, optical drive bays, laser engraving designs and a cute ‘Tt Dude,’ a kind of mascot/meme for the company.

The 3DMakers 3D printing platform itself is well-organized and intuitive, with an instructions page, a place to upload and download 3D printable models, and the Modder Album, a page dedicated to showcasing some of the most impressive PC case mods from around the world. “Thermaltake is always very passionate with the work of the modders and makers from all over the world. Over here you can get a closer look and a better understanding of the modders’ superior-looking mods. Come support them by sharing their unique works, clicking likes, or giving comments.”

Some of the featured case mod designs from ThermalTake 3Maker's Case Modder page

While Thermaltake intends to continue releasing its own PC-related mods and accessories as free, 3D printable files, the main intention of the website is to build a 3D printing community. Users are thus invited to submit and share their own designs, so long as they adhere to Thermaltake’s four core values: Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity.

PC case modding is a popular pastime for gamers and makers, and is definitely well-suited to the rapid-prototyping and customizability of desktop 3D printing technology. MSI, one of the largest global developers of gaming hardware, even hosts an annual competition, challenging gamers to creatively and intricately conceal their branded motherboard and graphics card—one of this year’s entrants included a massive, 3D printed Star Destroyer case mod with actual working lights (Thermaltake has their own case modding competition, too.) We’ve also seen some other creative 3D printed hardware mods, including fully functional RC Tank PC mod, or a retro, 3D printed portable Nintendo 64 case.

By offering one of the first and most professional platforms specifically for 3D pintable PC component models, Thermaltake is certainly looking to tap into this niche yet growing segment of the maker movement, and “rise to the challenge of the 3D printing industry.” Check out Thermaltake’s new 3DMakers site, and if you’re a PC modder yourself, be sure to upload and share your best designs with this burgeoning community.



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