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While traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as a nice bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates will sometimes hit the spot, why not treat your significant other to something different, and put a tech spin on the romantic holiday by opting for a 3D printed Valentine’s Day gift instead?

We’ve rounded up a list of our top picks of 3D printed or 3D printable Valentine's Day gifts that will have your loved one extruding affection. Check them out below:

1. 3D printed cookie cutters

What better way to say “I love you” than with a delectable treat that looks just like you? These 3D printed cookie cutters, which are made by Kriszti Bozzai and her Copypastry team, are custom made for you, as all you have to do is choose what image or photograph you want turned into a cookie cutter. From a photo of your face to a romantic couple’s shot, a batch of custom cookies is a unique and fun gift that will surely impress.

2. 3D printed jewelry

For a 3D printed take on a more traditional gift, why not express your affection through a piece of additively manufactured jewelry? A number of designers and makers have created stunning 3D printed accessories, so there is a lot to choose from, whether you’re looking for luxurious 3D printed jewelry such as Canadian design trio's Daniel Christian Tang’s designs, or a bold statement accessory like the ones made by Metalepsis Projects, or colorfully stunning customizable jewelry recently designed by Maison 203.

Another source for beautiful 3D printed jewelry is Joy Complex, founded by Jeremy Burnich. In collaboration with STILNEST, a German design house, he created the Soundscapes Jewelry Collection, which reimagines sound waves as 3D printed mountains and valleys.


3. Customizable 3D printed handbag

If jewelry isn’t the answer, maybe these 3D printed handbags are just the gift. Not only are the additively manufactured purses designed by Italian brand XYZ Bags sleek and stylish, but they also feature customizable text, allowing you to add a message to your gift, a sort of portable greeting card. Of course, what is written on the 3D printed handbag is at your discretion, whether you want to loudly exclaim, “I love you!” or communicate something more subtle.

4. 3D printed flower vase

Nothing says romance like a big bouquet of fresh flowers, and why plop them into a boring old vase when you can 3D print a gorgeous, sculptural design instead? Thomas Palm’s modular Palmiga Globe Bouquet Vase adds unexpected elegance to a room, and can be downloaded for free from MyMiniFactory (you can also purchase a finished 3D print either in plastic, or, if money is no object, in stainless steel!) For another stunning, 3D printed vase option, check out Joaquin Baldwin’s 3D printed air planters, which combine math and organics for great results.



5. 3D printed phone case

Is your date addicted to their smartphone? Do they have a good sense of humor? Perhaps this 3D printed phone case is the perfect accompanying gift to a box of chocolates, as it is sure to incite some laughs at the very least. The 3D printed Dumb Phone Case was created by designer Jeff Lam who was looking for a way to limit his use of his iPhone’s numerous apps. The 3D printed phone case, the files for which can be accessed for free here, essentially blocks your access to apps by restricting your touches to the keypad, effectively turning your smartphone into a “dumb phone”. Get your date’s attention directed back to you with this humorous gift.

6. 3D printed bath bomb molds

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing Valentine’s Day with your loved one why not treat them to some soothing DIY bath bombs made with the help of 3D printed molds? The recipe for the bath salts is simple enough and can be found here, and you can choose your own shapes and forms to make them using 3D printed molds. Feel free to get creative with the shapes, or check out what Adafruit suggests.

7. 3D printed cold brew coffee maker

On Valentine’s morning, warm your lover’s heart with a cup of cold brew coffee, straight from this 3D printed coffee maker. Created by Instructables designer Jonathan Odom, this radial coffee brewer is made from 39 3D printed parts, and can brew up to six cups at once. That’s more than enough to fuel whatever romantic activities you’ve got planned for the day.


8.  3D printed Philips shaver

Here is a gift idea for the guy who likes to groom himself—a 3D printed shaver designed by Philips. Just last month, electronics giant Philips launched a pilot run for their limited edition 3D printed shavers, which come in a variety of colors and are customizable. In customizing the 3D printed Philips shaver, you can choose from two different ergonomic handle designs, and choose what colors, accessories, and dimensions you want the razor to have. A perfect addition for Valentine’s Day, the 3D printed Philips shaver can also be engraved with a personal message on the top.

9. 3D chocolate printer

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate, and if you’ve got some LEGO on hand, you could soon be extruding sweet custom desserts with this DIY 3D chocolate printer. In addition to 3D printing romantic chocolate shapes, such as a heart, you could also use it to 3D print pancakes for a romantic breakfast in bed.


10. A 3D printed heart

For an original take on a classic Valentine’s Day motif, why not show your love by giving someone a 3D printed heart—you can even make one yourself! From this 3D printed heart pendant, to this 3D printed heart bracelet, to these 3D printed heart handcuffs to keep your loved one close as can be, these DIY trinkets are a surefire way to impress on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve left your gifts to the last minute!

There you have it, our top 10 picks for a 3D printed Valentine’s Day. Have a great one!



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