Feb 14, 2016 | By Tess

Photos are capable of capturing our dearest moments, from birthdays, to trips, and perhaps most significantly, to wedding celebrations. Often, professionals are hired for such momentous occasions to capture the excitement in the most beautiful way possible, but sometimes even professionals need a little help to get the perfectly lit photo. To help photographers get the best photo possible, especially for portraits and wedding scenes, American photographer Mat Sutor has designed a 3D printed flash diffuser called The WYNG.

The 3D printed WYNG diffuser, which resembles a small white flipper, can be easily attached to your camera’s flash and works to bounce, diffuse, and direct the light of the flash in a variety of ways. As we all know, a camera’s flash when used directly can often be quite harsh, with certain parts of the photo very brightly lit and others cast in shadow. For a softer light, the flash itself can be directed upwards, where the back of the diffuser will bounce the light from it onto the subject being photographed.

The white plastic diffuser is additively manufactured out of a lightweight and flexible TPE filament, making for easy storage and transportation. Sutor explains his inspiration for the diffuser on his website, “After 13 years as a professional photographer I have seen every flash diffuser and light modifier on the market. Some are better than others but none of them can compare to the simplicity and versatility of the WYNG. They are often made from bulky heavy plastics and utilize cumbersome straps or buckles to mount which get in the way. After using an improvised version, I thought there had to be a  better way to get beautiful light from a camera flash.”

Sutor initially prototyped his diffuser using 3D printing, but now as the product comes onto the market at B&H Photo, the largest non-chain photo equipment store in the U.S., and through Amazon, he has also opted to additively manufacture the final product as the technology allows for the camera piece to be made locally and affordably. As he notes, “In my research to find a way to produce the WYNG, I discovered that 3D printing would be the ultimate solution to make the Wyng and keep everything at home here in the USA.”

The WYNG diffuser is specially designed to be attached to the short side of a speedlite flash head, which allows for easy swivelling from portrait to landscape shots. For now, the 3D printed flash diffuser is available in two sizes: the WYNG small to fit, which can be used with CANON 430EX, 430X II, Nikon SB-600, SB-700, SB-800 and any cameras of a similar size; and the WYNG large to fit which will fit over the CANON 600EX-RT, 589EX II, 580 EX, NIKON SB-900, SB-910, and any similar models. The WYNG flash diffuser is retailing for about $23.95 in both formats.



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