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Stratasys, one of the most important innovators within the 3D printing industry, is known for having a good nose for up-and-coming startups and their latest investment therefore says a lot about the target. The promising Israeli startup Massivit, who has been making headlines with their supersized 3D printing solutions over the past year, just announced that they just closed an investment by Stratasys. Though they did not disclose the amount or the terms of investment, the investment will be used to accelerate development and deployment of their proprietary super-sized 3D printing solutions.

This backing by Stratasys is just the latest success for Massivit, who have worked on some very interesting developments and projects over the past year already. They are a developer and manufacturer of large-format 3D printers, specifically intended for the very fast production of large scale objects, and are especially targeting the visual communication market. Display objects, branding, advertising, exhibitions and theme park props are all among their targets. The company has founded by a group of industry veterans who decided to specifically focus on the large object market segment.

The Massivit 1800 system

And they’ve been remarkably successful. Their whole approach is based on the MASSIVIT system, a proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technology, though they also have a number of other patents. Their first machine is the Massivit 1800 3D printer, which uses Dimengel material to form objects. The first commercial version of this 3D printer was installed at communications expert ES Digital back in September 2015. Back in December, they also showed off the machine’s capacity by making a 2 meter long 3D printed shark sculpture. Massivit says it’s a solution that can ignite a market explosion for large 3D objects, and they have been looking to build upon that technology to reach new markets that require fast manufacturing.

A huge bull – 3D printed on the Massivit 1800

This investment by Stratasys thus comes at a right time, as Massivit is aiming at expanding. “The investment by Stratasys, which comes after a comprehensive due diligence process, is a strong validation of our unique technology and strong value proposition,” says Avner Israeli, Massivit’s CEO. “We look forward to Stratasys’ support in the fulfillment of our vision, including sharing its operational experience and insights, helping us expand into new markets and more.” They added that the investment will be used to continue product development, accelerate their market penetration activities, the building of a global presence and the enhancement of their logistic and the manufacturing capabilities.

Mr. Avner Israeli, Massivit’s CEO

Stratasys is also very pleased with the result, and said that it is just one example of how they want to foster innovation within the 3D printing community. “This includes, among other activities, investing in and collaborating with start-up companies, research centers and other partners developing promising and potentially disruptive technologies,” says Stratasys Vice President of Corporate Development & Ventures, Alon Elie. “With Massivit, we gain exposure to markets and applications in which Stratasys is not active today such as visual branding, outdoor signage, landscaping and construction. We are excited about the possible applications of Massivit 3D’s GDP technology in those markets and others, which we will jointly explore.”



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