Feb 18, 2016 | By Tess

3D model and content platform Sketchfab recently teamed up with TimeSlice Films to create and host an interactive 4D model, which was just yesterday released to the public via Sketchfab’s blog and their Facebook page—making it the first ever 4D scan on the social media platform.

You may be asking yourself what exactly a 4D interactive model is, but if you check it out below you’ll see that it resembles a 3D model that can be manipulated and moved with your computer’s mouse, but possesses an added feature: movement in the object itself. While the technology is still very new, even its beginnings are quite fun, as you can play with a man named Tim’s bust as he smiles and winks.

The 4D footage made possible by Sketchfab and the volumetric capture specialists at TimeSlice Films was created by using 53 GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition cameras, experimental GoPro Sync technology and some of TimeSlice’s own custom tech. Essentially, and not wholly different from regular film footage, the 4D footage is made up of individual frames that have been stitched together, though in this case, each frame is a 3D model.

While the footage itself was captured by TimeSlice Films, presenting the 4D video was another obstacle, for which they enlisted the help of 3D modeling experts Sketchfab who successfully created a software and platform through which users could see and interact with the 4D footage of Tim online.

“It’s incredibly exciting that Sketchfab have offered to host an example of our prototype 4D footage. Although early days, it’s fantastic to see they intend to support this type of content,” says Callum Macmillan, Managing Director of TimeSlice Films. "Volumetric capture is a crucial evolution of both the still and moving image. It fundamentally changes visual content creation from a fixed-viewpoint to a free-viewpoint experience. We call this type of content Free Viewpoint Media (FVM) - content that can be viewed from any perspective.”

Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab Co-Founder and CEO says of the collaboration, “We built Sketchfab because we believe 3D, virtual and augmented reality are changing the ways we consume content, and becoming common media formats like video and sound. As people like TimeSlice push boundaries of new content creation, we’re proud to be able to support them, and our vision for an interactive future.”

While this is just the beginning of 4D interactive footage, we do not doubt that we will soon be experiencing far longer and cleaner 4D videos as the technology behind it is sure to develop quickly. In the meantime, however, we are quite content to roll Tim’s bearded face around, zoom in on it, and move it about the screen.



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Tom Spiers wrote at 4/7/2016 4:45:44 AM:

That "man named Tim" is the inventor of frozen time photography more popularly known as "bullet time" after being brought to popular attention by the Matrix and overused ever since. For me his early works are still the most delightful breathtaking use of the technology... https://vimeo.com/111118054T

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