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We write so much about the groundbreaking medical advances being made thanks to 3D bioprinting technology, that it can sometimes be easy to take for granted just how amazing and, well, beautiful, these projects really are. I don’t mean beautiful in traditional, aesthetic sense, as with these stunning Curvoxel 3D printed chairs, for example. I mean beautiful in a more philosophical sense: what could be more beautiful than life itself? And thanks to 3D bioprinting, researchers are already creating life-saving and life-sustaining 3D printed organs, tissue, muscles, and more.

Though we often write about these groundbreaking scientific projects, and the researchers and universities behind them, rarely do we have a chance to simply sit back and admire their beauty in action. Luckily, video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili has given us the opportunity to do just that: he has compiled five minutes of Epic Science footage from research institutes and universities all around the world, showcasing everything from a decellularized heart getting ready to be ‘reborn’ with new stem cells, to quantum levitation using large-scale superconductors, to a variety of 3D bioprinted organs, 3D printed ear replacements, and other bioengineered human body systems.

screenshots from Al-Ghaili's Epic Science Complication video

A well-known ‘Science Communicator’, Al-Ghaili has become an Internet and social media star, producing a series of infographics and videos documenting contemporary scientific breakthroughs that have achieved more than 600 million views. His short yet educational videos are incredibly effective at bringing the fun and amazement back into science, visually explaining everything from “What would happen if you fell into a black hole?” to the past 550 million years of human evolution, illustrated in just 40 seconds.

Proving that video is an incredibly powerful medium, he has now packed five minutes of some of the most amazing modern scientific breakthroughs into a single, awe-inspiring video, that is definitely worth a watch, whether you’re already fascinated by 3D bioprinting achievements, or are completely new to the topic.

Amongst many other worthy scientific projects, Al-Ghaili’s video shines a light on several 3D bioprinting research projects undertaken by the renowned Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM).

These include an artificial kidney 3D printed using bioink made from living cells, a lab-grown vagina created with the patient’s own cells, a bioengineered functioning mini-human liver from stem cells, a 3D printed ear replacement (created in collaboration with Cornell University), as well as examples of bioengineered and 3D bioprinted skin, muscles, bladder, blood vessels, a urethra and more! Previously, we’ve also covered Wake Field’s 3D printed ‘beating heart’ cells.

Without further ado, take a look at the video below to see these 3D bioprinted feats finally caught on camera, and to read more about 3D bioprinting advancements, check out some of our past articles:



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