Feb 23, 2016 | By Alec

If you’re looking for inspiration for a cool 3D printed prop or toy, we always suggest to look no further than your favorite video games – even if they’re a bit dated by now. Almost without exception, they feature fantastic, outlandish and outrageous designs, weapons and artwork that is perfect for 3D printing. And what 3D printed tribute is better than one that lets you fondly remember all the fun you’ve had with that game? This point is further emphasized by the latest 3D printing project of MyMiniFactory veteran Kirby Downey, who has just shared designs for truly amazing Blades of Chaos (or Blades of Athena if you want to nitpick) from the PlayStation classic God of War.

God of War, of course, is a truly genre-defining game that has been one of the main PlayStation flagships over the past decade. First released back in 2005, God of War stars the plagued and very cool Spartan warrior Kratos who struggles with the Olympian gods, personal tragedies and seemingly impossible battles. It still is a fantastic example of how a single player platform should function. Its popularity is at least partly owed to the extremely cool weapons wielded by the main character: The Blades of Chaos. Chained to his arms, these unrealistic blades were given to the main character by Ares, the God of War. At the end of the first game, they are replaced by the Blades of Athena, which are almost exactly the same but matter to the plot.

So whichever blades you want, both can be yours thanks to the fantastic work of Kirby Downey. Downey, of course, is a London-based prop designer from South Africa who just loves 3D printed tributes to game franchises. “I specialize in taking objects and adding a technical and mechanical side to it, first making it work mechanically before adding a story to the product using shapes and forms,” he says of his work. “This can be seen with the props from games I have modeled I enjoy working with my hands, completing each project myself and with each product I take special care to ensure that every detail is perfect.”

His fantastic skills were previously visible in this 3D printed airsoft gun tribute to the Destiny video game, as well as in this 3D printed Sleeper Simulant gun from the same game. Equally impressive is his 3D printed mechanical rubber band gun, released last month, which is powered by a hand crank.

So when we found out that Kirby had completed another project, expectations were obviously quite high. But no one can be disappointed by these extremely cool 3D printed Blades of Chaos, that look absolutely superb after their paintjob. Obviously, they can’t be chained to your arms and are just props that don’t shoot anything either, but they’re an amazing tribute to the video game. Perfect for completing your Kratos cosplay. The amazing paintjob has been done by Sarah Wade, a London-based artist who specializes in providing fantastic finishes on 3D printed props. As such she’s extensively involved in MyMiniFactory projects, and it will be very challenging for the rest of us to achieve a comparable finish.

What’s more, they are also quite easy to 3D print, and require very little support material. Kirby revealed that they actually consist of seven different parts, and all come with a 5 mm hole to allow you to thread a rod through them. This will provide some much needed stability and durability, as these swords will be swung around a lot. Interested? Head over to MyMiniFactory here to download the files.



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