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If you’ve ever been stuck inside on a rainy day with only a few dusty and overplayed board games stowed away, you’ll be excited to hear that a team of Italian digital sculptors and game creators have developed a versatile 3D printed board-game that you can easily print at home to enjoy at any time.

The game, called Rough and Tumble, was created by Filippo Giovannini, Albachiara Rinaldi, and Roberta Lista of Cross Lances Studio, and resembles a sort of complex and imaginative game of checkers. To gain support and interest for their 3D printed board game project, the Italian team of game creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign, through which they are hoping to raise a total of €1,200 by March 21, 2016.

Rough and Tumble, which pits Dwarves against Orcs in a game of strategy, fun, and skill is sure to please fantasy lovers, and offers its players the option of 3D printing the pieces for themselves, as Cross Lances Studio plans to send out the .STL files for the individual playing pieces to their Kickstarter pledgers.

Essentially, the game consists of a (paper) printable board that is divided into hexagonal boxes, each of which have color coded sides to determine which direction a pawn can move in. The pieces themselves are separated into two teams: Orcs and Dwarves, with six pieces on each side. Each of the pieces is detailed and uniquely characterized, and there is even the option to unlock characters with different powers and roles in the game if the Kickstarter goal of €1,200 is surpassed.

The additions which can be unlocked effectively change the nature of the game and turn it into a versatile playing board on which your imagination can be untethered. For instance, if the Kickstarter campaign reaches €3,000, users will have the option of actually 3D printing the playing board block by block, making for a shape-shifting and modular game board.

3D printing was crucial to the game’s design as its maker’s wanted to create a game that could be not only additively manufactured by their clients, but adjusted and customized by them. That is, the 3D digital models, which will be sent to Kickstarter supporters, can be 3D printed at multiple scale options, from 28mm, to 32mm, to 54mm and beyond!

If you do decide to 3D print the game pieces in the 28mm scale, the creators of Rough and Tumble suggest printing at a 100 micron resolution at the least. For figurine painters, the 3D printed character pieces can also be painted in color to fit your taste and style.

If you want to get in on the game but do not have a 3D printer, there is of course the option of sending the .STL files to a 3D Hubs centre, or if you want to play in the meantime you can always print out the 2D paper versions of the pieces, a decidedly less immersive option, however.

For more information and the rules of the game, check out the videos below:



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