Feb 28, 2016 | By Benedict

Designer Sergey Kolesnik has presented a 3D printed AK47 as a gift to players of Rust, a massive multiplayer survival game being developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK.

Most 3D printed weapons we write about are, unsurprisingly, replicas, but if reports coming out of Russia are to be believed, it might not be long before we see a real 3D printed AK47. Regardless of that slightly terrifying thought, it’s still a big treat when a maker constructs a replica / cosplay prop as good as this one. Sergey Kolesnik, a freelance 3D artist and steampunk enthusiast, created his stunning 3D printed Kalash as a gift to players of Rust, the latest offering from British game developer Facepunch Studios.

Prior to the appearance of his 3D printed AK47, Kolesnik had already created a few beastly 3D printed props and replicas, such as this epic 3D printed Star Wars blaster and lightsaber. It is therefore no surprise that this latest offering is in keeping with the maker’s high standards. Kalesnik started his highly detailed 3D printed AK47 project after playing Rust, an Early Access survival game in which players must attempt to survive through post-apocalyptic conditions.

In the world of Rust, up to 300 human players can participate on a single serve, allowing for huge interactive potential. Players can choose to cooperate in order to survive the harsh winter environment, or they can, er, wield an AK47. Kolesnik was sufficiently impressed with the in-game weapon that he chose to recreate it in beautiful 3D printed plastic, presenting the finished 3D model as a gift to the Rust community.

The 3D printed assault rifle consists of 21 parts, which took around 40 hours for Kolesnik to print. Kolesnik designed the 3D model in Autodesk Fusion 360, and makers can download the STL files for the design from My Mini Factory if they feel like building their own. However, it will take a skilled hand to match the awesome paint job achieved by Sarah Wade on the pictured model, who has achieved a realistic weathered metallic finish, replete with an ironic yellow smiley face.

Response to the 3D printed prop has been overwhelmingly positive, with a number of YouTubers commenting both their approval and their desire to get their hands on a pre-printed version of the AK47. “300 dollars good enough for you?” asked one commenter. Another enquired via Instagram about the filament used for Kolesnik’s version, but the maker has yet to respond.

Rust, the game which inspired the 3D printed AK47, is currently in active development, with its developers running a devblog detailing their weekly updates. The game can be downloaded for $19.99 via Steam.



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