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Bottoms up, makers: Gizmo 3D Printers has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its super fast, top down SLA DLP 3D printer. The Gizmo 3D printer is available in three main size categories, with further build height options available within each category.

Gizmo 3D printers, a joint project between Australian husband and wife duo Kobus and Michelle du Toit, is looking to bring quality, fast, and reliable 3D printing to your home, and with interest in the company’s Indiegogo campaign increasing by the minute, we wouldn’t bet against it succeeding. The Gizmo 3D printer is capable of super-fast print speeds of up to 7” per hour—seven times faster than the Formlabs Form 2—and produces extraordinary seamless layering.

“About two years ago, I was really frustrated with the 3D printer I had purchased,” said Kobus. “It was clogging constantly, and was slow and limited in functionality. I designed the Gizmo 3D printer line to solve these problems, because I know just how it feels to wake up in the morning and run downstairs excitedly, only to find a failed print waiting for me.”

The would-be crowdfunded 3D printers each employ a modified DLP process: Each layer of a 3D print is projected into a bath of UV curable resin using HD DLP projectors. As the resin cures, the object can be built up layer by layer. The build plate lowers incrementally from the top of the resin surface into the vat, before the projectors harden these layers with beams of light, allowing further layers to be added. Gizmo 3D’s unique technology suspends the 3D printed object inside the vat as it is being printed, which minimizes stress on the object. This eliminates the need for supports and produces a finer level of details.

Promising a “3D printer like no other”, Gizmo 3D is introducing three variations on its DLP printer: the GiziMate, GiziPro, and GiziMax, in ascending size order. Each model comes is available in 2-3 build height variations, giving makers the freedom to choose a 3D printer which suits both their printing needs and workspace constraints. Users can also play with Gizmo 3D’s highly adjustable speed settings: each of the 3D printers can print either at standard speed (sequentially) or continuously. The former is useful for prints requiring a high level of detail, but the latter can be used to print at faster speeds.

When using the Gizmo 3D super speed add-on, the 3D printers can achieve speeds of between 0.5mm and 1mm per minute, depending on projection area size. The bigger the area, the slower the printing time. Users can print continuously from 70mm x 39mm at 1mm per minute to 160mm x 90mm at 0.5mm per minute on all Gizmo 3D printers. Each Gizmo 3D printer is capable of XY resolutions of 20 - 200 microns, and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The printers have been designed to work in conjunction with Gizmo 3D’s Gizmetor slicing software, included with each printer purchase, and work with easily available Fun to Do resins.

GiziMate 3D Printer

Backers of Gizmo’s Indiegogo campaign can secure a GiziMate 130 Basic, the smallest of the 3D printers, for $2950 + shipping, whilst the largest model, the GiziMax 800 Basic, costs $4950 + shipping. To get those ultra-desirable super speeds, backers need to shell out an extra $2600 for the second projector. Should the campaign prove successful, the first Gizmo 3D printers will ship in September 2016.

The du Toits have set a fixed goal of $95,000 for their campaign, and have already secured 42% of that sum. With a month still left to run, it looks as though the Australian startup could make it.



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