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It goes without saying that 3D printers are ushering in a new age of digital creativity. At least, for those of you who have mastered CAD software and have purchased a desktop 3D printer. But if financial or skill-related barriers are holding you back, 3D printing pens are a cheap and simple alternative to the traditional 3D printing process. They’re also excellent options for quick prototyping, when you just want to get some physical version of what’s in your head at a moment’s notice. Though a few 3D printing pens are already available, a new and low cost version has just launched on Kickstarter. Called the Scribble, it features an LED display and easily fits in your hand to make handcrafted plastic masterpieces a possibility.

Now of course a few 3D printing pens are already in existence, but many are bulky and a hassle to use because the plastic doesn’t always set evenly – leaving a plastic mess on your table. This isn’t a problem with the Scribble, developer Austin Kelly reveals on Kickstarter. “Scribble 3D printing pen has the similar function as 3D printers. The product features an LED display screen and fits perfectly in your hand, giving you extreme comfort and accurate precision while you draw your favorite things,” he says. The biggest production challenge, in fact, was reducing the size of the pen to sit comfortably in your hand, but it seems like they have pulled it off. “The first challenge we experienced was to reduce the size, make it more useful and finally within a great product design,” he adds.

As you can see in the clip below, the plastic also sets evenly, even making it possible to draw anything in the air with a bit of clever positioning. “Writing and drawing in the air is now possible with a Scribble 3D printing pen! This extraordinary easy tool enables you to create anything through the power of your own imagination,” its developers say.

While you might wonder what the added value of a 3D printing pen is when you already have a 3D printer, a tool like the Scribble could be exactly what you need for a bit of casual fun or very quick 3D concept development. Perfect for a brainstorming session. “While giving you an imaginative, yet realistic opportunity to reinvent your childhood pleasures, Scribble 3D printing pen is for you if you love to experiment different things,” its makers say. “You can make prototypes with Scribble 3D printing pen rather than using computer-aided design programs which, can be complicated, expensive and hard to alter.”

To bring this 3D printing toy to the users, Scribble has now launched on Kickstarter where they seek to raise $5,000 in funds – which will be used for production. “We have been working on this preparation to the best of our ability, to take this new leap forward, and what we need now is the encouragement and support from backers,” they say. A Scribble pen can be yours for as little as $49, with shipping set to begin in May.

UPDATE April 1st:

After raising $4,998 in its first day–just two dollars short of their ultimate fundraising goal—the Scribble 3D printing pen Kickstarter was suspended, with no plans to resume at this moment. Developer Austin Kelly could only comment that a review from the Kickstarter integrity team led to the suspension. It is a case that is eerily similar to that other Scribble scandal, and a reminder that while most projects start out with good intentions, ideas alone are not enough to carry real technological innovation.


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Scribble - Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printing PenThis project was suspended by Kickstarter, I'm guessing was a spam because the lack of information and details in the project.

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