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Conventions are the best place to learn more about latest upcoming products and startups, and TCT Asia + Personalize is proving no different. The currently ongoing event is absolutely packed with technology and startups. 3D printing newcomer called Ouring has just unveiled two remarkable 3D printers: the low-budget 3DTalk MINI and the impressive voice-controlled 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printer.

Based in the Jiangsu province in China, Ouring is a Research and Development specialist for high-end 3D products. They are a rather big fish in the Chinese 3D market, owning several brands, a 3D design studio, various 3D research centers and even a 3D Intelligent Education Center. Featuring a 3,000 square meter production base, they already own dozens of patents and software copyrights, and they took a new brand to market back in 2014: 3DTalk.

And with that kind of backing, Ouring has hit the ground running. They won several awards almost immediately, including the “2014 Chinese 3D Industry Innovation Technology Award”, the “2015 Excellent Recommended Chinese Desktop 3D Printer Brand” award, and the “2015 Most Innovative Chinese Enterprise” award. Last year they already teased visitors with an early version of their 3DTalk T-real II 3D printer.

Above: the 3DTalk MINI 3D printer.

It seems like they are now finally ready for market with these two machines. The 3DTalk MINI 3D printer is essentially a combination of all the features you can realistically expect in a budget 3D printer. Featuring a lightweight, metal body for easy handling, it has a build envelope of 160 x 160 x 155mm and is capable of producing a minimal layer thickness of 75 microns. Other features include a touch screen and Wi-Fi remote control, but it stands out due to one other characteristic: The 3DTalk MINI 3D printer accommodates interchangeable nozzles of different sizes, enabling the machine to adapt to different 3D printing requirements and accuracy levels.

But the most impressive of the two is, undoubtedly, the 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printer: a voice-controlled and intelligent industrial 3D printer. The company is extremely proud of the 3D printer which is similar in size to 3D Systems' CubePro. The 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printer comes with some very interesting features. Importantly, it comes with a build volume of 254 x 254 x 210 mm and reportedly has several technical features expected of an industrial machine. One impressive feature is a water-cooling system and filtration chamber featuring a constant temperature, which will greatly enhance print quality.

The 3DTalk T-real II 3D printer.

But its real selling point is, obviously, voice-control. First of all, it has its own voice and an intelligent control system for human-machine dialogue. While it’s probably not as sentient as Iron Man’s Jarvis, it does allow the user to control various 3D printing function by voice. Through interactive communication, the company says, users can get real-time device status updates and other necessary information. The T-Real II 3D printer will support both Chinese and English initially, and will come with speech recognition abilities that deal with fuzziness.

Through a series of voice commands, it will interact with the user, and perform acts on command. The 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printer will also broadcast vocal alerts to guide the user through the 3D printing steps. To prevent errors, it even issues second confirmation requests for key operations. And here’s the cool part: using simple commands such as ‘Hi Talk’, you can start up the 3D printer. When not operational, it lingers in ‘sleep’ mode. Users will have to stand within one meter of the microphone, at an angle of 30 degrees up or down from it.

While it’s difficult for new brands to stand out in a very diverse 3D printing market, it seems like Ouring has certainly found some key areas to give them some more star power. And if you’re looking for the voice-activated 3D printer, just note: the currently version of the T-Real II 3D printer will not feature voice control, with the updated machine following later in 2016.



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