Mar 19, 2016 | By Tess

One of our favorite 3D printed jewelry brands, Maison 203, which always wows us with their colorful 3D printed jewelry collections has once again collaborated with Italian designer Odo Fioravanti to create a new 3D printed clutch that could be just the springtime accessory you were looking for.

The clutch, called Ivy, was inspired by an exploration into icosahedral structures and Archimedean solids, the most famous example of which is of course the soccer or football. Naturally, the 3D printed purse does not itself bear resemblance to the piece of sports equipment, but rather uses the same geometric principles to take on a more organic, even flowery aesthetic. As Fioravanti poetically says of the 3D printed clutch’s design: “The new clutch designed for Maison 203 looks like those illustrations in the books of the first botanical explorers: true plant hunters, tireless travellers always in search of unknown seeds and flowers, ready to stun the world with their amazing discoveries.”

As demonstrated in the diagram below, the clutch’s design was generated from overlapping circular shapes, creating the beautiful and almost hypnotic pattern of leaves on the bag’s surface. In other words, “the result of this geometric and rational research paradoxically leads to a decorative effect.” The 3D printed clutch’s surface is also detailed with small dots which accent and draw the eye towards the delicately protruding leaf shapes and drawing the eye away from the bag’s edges and opening.

The geometrically and botanically inspired handbag, comes in three colors: powder blue, soft white, and rust red, all of which are perfect to pair with your spring wardrobes. The 3D printed clutch, which is featured on Maison & Objet Paris’ website, is retailing for 685 euros (about $775) a relatively reasonable price for a piece of wearable 3D printed art.

Ivy marks the fourth collaboration between Italian industrial designer Odo Fioravanti and Maison 203, which was founded by Italian design couple Orlando Fernandez Flores and Lucia de Conto. Last September, the two forces in 3D design joined to create the well-received 3D printed Armure clutch, which was also geometrically inspired. The entire clutch was 3D printed out of a sintered nylon material. A few months ago as well, Maison 203 debuted their most recent collection of 3D printed jewelry, called Kalikon at the Maison & Objets Paris trade fair in January 2016.

The recently unveiled 3D printed clutch is yet another stunning example of what is possible when innovative designers work together with 3D printing technologies to create new and inspired objects. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what Maison 203 and Odo Fioravanti 3D print next!



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