Mar 21, 2016 | By Kiri

Earlier this year, Syfy became the first major American television network to share original, exclusive content via 3D printing technology, offering free 3D printable models in partnership with MakerBot and its Thingiverse platform. After initially releasing a series of accurate 3D spaceship replicas from The Expanse, Syfy has announced that it will be expanding its partnership with MakerBot to promote even more TV shows, including Killjoys, Hunters, 12 Monkeys, The Magicians, and Dark Matter.

3D printing is a great way to bring fictional content to life, from 3D printed video game avatars to iconic Star Wars droids, yet until recently, television content hasn’t been explored quite as much. To fill that gap, Syfy, known for blending cutting edge technologies with creative storytelling to create a more immersive, engaging TV experience, opened Syfy Labs, an emerging technologies division, to explore the opportunities in multi-platform programming via Virtual Reality, IoT, and 3D printing technology.

Through its 3D printing partnership with MakerBot, Syfy has created and released an entire range of accurate 3D printable replicas of characters, locations, ships, logos and more from their original science fiction and fantasy series. Best of all, these 3D models are available to fans entirely for free on Thingiverse. The latest 3D printable Syfy models include the time machine from 12 Monkeys, the Brakebills University emblem from The Magicians, an alien skull from Hunters, and 3D printable logos of each series.

To celebrate the partnership, Brooklyn’s Voodoo Manufacturing 3D printed several Syfy models for the first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con. Voodoo Manufacturing, a 3D printing factory started by two former Makerbot employees, is outfitted with 125 MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printers and can 3D print thousands of parts in a very short amount of time, making it an ideal service for clients small and large who need customized 3D printed parts delivered in large batches and in short order.

Between Syfy, Makerbot, Thingiverse and Voodoo Manufacturing, 3D printing is bringing TV content to life and giving fans new ways to experience and engage with their favorite series—although Syfy is no longer alone in this endeavor. Recently, History Channel partnered with MyMiniFactory and 3DBrooklyn to release 3D printable props from its hit drama series, Vikings, proving that there is definitely a crossover market between TV fans and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Though fans have been creating their own 3D printable content from television, film, and video game for years, each of these exclusive and licensed 3D models gives fans the opportunity to bring their favorite TV show content into the real world and show off their dedication, creating an even deeper connection with the series they already love.



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