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As we’ve seen, 3D printed jewelry and 3D printed garments have tended to blur the line between fashion and art, effectively becoming wearable art. While the pieces are made to be worn, their design process is often one which requires honed design and CAD skills and the pieces themselves often reflect conceptual and artistic ideas. In following with this train of thought, of 3D printed fashions being art, the Design Museum Portland has launched their most recent exhibition, Rapid Jewelry, which consists of a collection of 21 stunning pieces of 3D printed jewelry from across the world.

The Design Museum Portland is itself a conceptual museum, as they do not possess their own gallery space but rather collaborate with various spaces around the Portland, Oregon region to host their various design exhibitions. Rapid Jewelry, which is being held in collaboration with Portland’s Hotel Lucia, is being displayed in the hotel’s lobby and can be visited free of charge until June 20th, 2016.

The exhibition was curated in an effort to showcase and explore the the growing field of 3D printed jewelry design and to examine how designers and artists are breaking into 3D design and 3D printing technologies to create their unique pieces.

The 21 pieces of 3D printed jewelry that are on display at the Hotel Lucia as part of Rapid Jewelry were chosen by an expert jury from a call for designs put out by the Design Museum. The call for design entries was open to almost anyone, from students, amateurs, professional artists and designs, to engineers, so expect to see a wide range of 3D printed jewelry designs if you happen to stop by the exhibition.

What’s more, and what sets the 3D printed jewelry exhibition apart from other gallery shows, is that the pieces on display can be purchased online by interested parties for a reasonable range of costs. The 21 pieces, which can be perused through the Design Museum’s online store, are additively manufactured on a made-to-order basis and can be 3D printed from a variety of materials, from plastic, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The price of the pieces ranges from US$55 to $18,840.

The exhibition was successfully launched on March 19th with a fashion show in which dancers adorned with the various 3D printed jewelry designs interacted with the party guests. The rings, bracelets, and stunning 3D printed statement necklaces on display at the Hotel Lucia should not be missed if you are in the Portland area, and for those who won’t make it, feast your eyes on these photos of the exquisite designs.



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