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One of our favorite 3D fantasy designers, Melissa Ng, who has made such stunning pieces as these metallic 3D printed masks designed for dreamers, a 3D printed jewelry line inspired by her own search for solitude, and this unbelievable 3D printed Dream Regalia Armor for actress, and geek activist Felicia Day, has now turned her sights towards helping her close friend, Rishi Gandhi, whose father was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Rishi, Melissa’s friend from college, has been a source of inspiration, support, and happiness in her life, and now using her incredible 3D design skills she is hoping to offer him and his family the support they need to get through the emotional and financial weight of dealing with cancer treatments. To raise both awareness and some money for Rishi’s father’s expensive cancer treatment, Melissa has, quite fittingly, designed a 3D printed health potion pendant, the proceeds from which will go to Rishi and his father.

Rishi’s father himself is an inspiring human being, and his story, which Rishi explains below, is one that many can relate to.

“My father grew up dreaming of moving to the United States, but was unable to see himself through the citizenship process.” explains Rishi. “He was able to work hard, and send me to school in the United States from the age of 13. He worked hard to support me thousands of miles away. While I was in school, he worked hard to also keep my ailing mother who suffers to this day from various illnesses.”

“Today, I want to work hard for my father,” Rishi continues. “My father was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and I need all the help I can get to help deal with the medical expenses…My father is the linchpin that held my family together during the tough times of my youth. I want to come through for him in his toughest time of need.”

The pendant, which features Melissa’s signature and delicate Lumecluster style as well as an embellished heart and “+” symbol, was inspired by health potions used by video game characters to boost up or restore their health points. As she explains on her blog, “A health potion is an item an in-game character would drink if their hit points (or “health”) fall too low after taking too much damage from an attack. Drinking a health potion would restore a character’s health instantly. But wish as we might, instantly healing magical health potions don’t exist (yet)…and healing needs a lot more time and support in real life.”

The 3D printed health potion pendant, which we must admit would look quite charming hanging around one’s neck, is available to order in a variety of materials, from a number of nylon colors (ranging from $15 to $20), to plated steel finishes (ranging from $38 to $48), and even in fine metals such as bronze, silver, or gold (ranging from $68-$108). As Melissa specifies, the pendants will be ordered, printed, and shipped directly through Shapeways 3D printing service, so no necklace chain or cord will be supplied.

Melissa Ng, is a New York based self-taught 3D designer and artist who has been working with 3D printing technologies since 2014. Using her amazing design talents, Melissa has dedicated herself to making the world a more wondrous place with her fantasy inspired jewelry, masks, and costumes. Now with her effort to help her friend Rishi and his father with her unique talents, she is spreading wonder and hopefulness on a whole new level, potentially even helping to save a life. To support Rishi's father, check out Melissa Ng's Shapeways store here.

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