Apr 11, 2016 | By Benedict

Dutch 3D printer manufacturer byFlow is exhibiting its pop-up 3D printing restaurant in Venlo, Netherlands, as it prepares to take the culinary project on a world tour. The restaurant, called ‘Food Ink.’, was first set up in London.

For most of us, “extruding” a meringue is the closest we’ve ever come to 3D printing food. But as culinary 3D printing becomes more and more advanced, the phenomenon is becoming less a novelty and more a serious skill for adventurous chefs. The Magic Candy Factory, a candy-dispensing 3D printer from Katjes Fassin, is popping up at retail locations across the world, but the innovators at byFlow are here to show that additive edibles can go far beyond sugary treats—think starter, mains, and even the plate you’re eating off.

On April 12, byFlow will set up 'Food Ink.' at the 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo, Netherlands. The result of a collaboration between designers, chefs and technologists from London, Barcelona and Maastricht, Food Ink. will showcase the latest creations in 3D food across a special five-dish menu, with a select number of VIPs getting the opportunity to take part in the 3D printed banquet.

In many restaurants, seeing where your dinner is coming from can be an exciting appetizer. Choosing your own lobster from the tank, for example, adds a whole extra element to the dining experience, and Food Ink. looks to capture this interactivity in an entirely new and futuristic way. Diners at byFlow’s 3D printing restaurant will be able to watch every plate of their meal being created by byFlow’s Focus 3D printer, while the restaurant itself will be full of 3D printed furniture, crockery, glassware, and equipment.

The exciting 3D printing event has been described by its creators—byFlow, 3D Samba, chef Mateo Blanch (from Restaurant La Boscana near Barcelona), 3DChef, and London’s 3DFP Ventures—as an “interactive edible concept art experience,” as it brings together fine dining, exciting new technologies, and futuristic pieces from a number of talented designers. When the Venlo exhibition wraps up, the 3D printing restaurant will be taken on the road to Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Singapore, and beyond.




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