Apr 18, 2016 | By Benedict

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze today announced the immediate commercial availability of its Roboze One+400 FDM 3D printer. The low-cost, belt-free machine is compatible with 12 3D printing materials, including PEEK and PEI, and boasts a maximum extrusion temperature of 400°C.

Roboze, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Bari, Italy, first announced the Roboze One+400 3D printer back in November. When we reported on that initial announcement, Roboze was preparing the Roboze One+400 for its debut at the FormNext trade show in Frankfurt, which took place November 17-20. As planned, the FDM 3D printer has now been made commercially available, becoming the second 3D printer in the company’s repertoire after the Roboze One.

The new 3D printer from Roboze is a noteworthy addition to the desktop 3D printer market for three main reasons. The Roboze One+400 is, for starters, an entirely belt-free 3D printer: just like the Roboze One before it, the Roboze One+400 utilizes the company’s patented mechatronic movement system, purportedly faster and more accurate than traditional belt-driven systems. Motion for the X and Y axes is controlled by a counterbalanced pair of tempered stainless steel helical racks, which provide fluid motion and accurate positioning.

The Roboze One+400 FDM 3D printer also delivers an impressive level of material flexibility, being compatible with 12 technical materials. Suitable printing materials include PEEK, PEI, POLYCARBONATE, PMMA and 8 other techno-polymer engineering plastics. “By enabling the use of advanced materials, we offer users a powerful yet affordable solution, together with the advantages of an ‘easy-to-use’ desktop 3D printer,” said Alessio Lorusso, CEO of Roboze. “This will open up a wide range of new possibilities, especially for SMEs, for a variety of applications in several different industries requiring only a limited amount of investments.”

In addition to its innovative motion system and material flexibility, the Roboze One+400 also boasts an incredibly heat-resistant dual extruder, which helps users to get the most out of their technical plastic 3D printing materials. Capable of reaching temperatures up to 400°C, the Roboze extruder allows users to print two polymers simultaneously or to seamlessly print a soluble support structure around the printed object. The tough extruder is built from a combination of aluminum 6082 for heat conduction and AISI 303 for heat dissipation.

The Roboze One+400 can print at a resolution of 50 microns, boasts a build area of 200 x 200 x 200 mm, and comes equipped with a 3.5-inch touch screen. Roboze, a subsidiary of Mecatronika, attributes the high quality of its components to the small supply chain policy employed at the company. Rather than just assemble its 3D printers from disparately produced parts, Roboze actually manufactures over 70% of its 3D printer components at its Bari headquarters.

Roboze recommends its new 3D printer for use in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical & dental, rapid production, and mechanical industries. Potential customers can contact Roboze directly for a quote.



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