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With the market for 3D printing steadily growing, the range of commercial and desktop 3D printers continues to expand, offering makers of all skills and ages a wealth of 3D printer models to choose from. Earlier today, a Budapest, Hungary startup has introduced another desktop 3D printer model onto the market, one which could be ideal for those looking for an affordable, and speedy 3D printer. The AVOC 3D printer, which set to launch through crowdfunding campaign platform Indiegogo today, is being marketed as a compact and fast printing sub $300 printer.

Retailing for the regular price of $199 (with early bird prices as low as $139), the AVOC 3D printer was designed with certain key points in mind, such as speed, safety, simplicity, and most importantly, cost. According to the AVOC’s developers, the machine, which has a build volume of over 3L (183 cubic inches), only measures 222mm x 222mm x 355mm, making for a very compact machine which can fit easily onto your desk or in your office (to compare the Ultimaker 2+ measures 342mm x 347 mm x 388mm). The printer reportedly also weighs under 3kg (6.61 pounds).

In terms of speed, the AVOC 3D printer boasts a maximum print speed of 100mm/second with a layer resolution of 100microns, making it a competitive 3D printer relative to its low cost. The machine also features an enclosed build chamber, both for safety purposes (keeping the hot print nozzle away from children), and to maintain the highest possible print quality (by stabilizing temperatures and keeping external particles out).

Designed with simplicity in mind, both for usage and its own creation, the makers of the AVOC 3D printer utilized a CoreXY system rather than an H-bot system. As they explain on their page, this means that “The effector is lightweight, and the horizontal motors don’t more,” meaning that the motors of the machine bear minimal weight (less than 100g) and can often work in unison, making for a balanced, and fast printing system.

To really cut down on production costs, and retail prices, the developers behind the AVOC 3D printer make a number of adjustments to their printer, like removing the heated bed, using an affordable polycarbonate frame, and using custom made parts to minimize the number of overall individual parts to be assembled. In terms of its assembly, the 3D printer was specially designed to be simple and straightforward to put together, meaning that its full manufacturing in Europe, which would normally cost an arm and a leg, can be done for an affordable cost.

The AVOC 3D printer prints with non-proprietary 1.75mm filament, and its built in filament compartment can comfortably house a 1kg roll of plastic filament.

For those wanting to support and be a part of the AVOC 3D printer’s release, check out its crowdfunding campaign, which has a fixed goal of $200,000 and will run for another month. The rewards for backers include a miniature 3D printed model of the printer for a minimum pledge of $20, an AVOC 3D printer for the super early bird price of $139, early bird price of $159, or full price of $199. If the campaign is successful, the AVOC 3D printers are expected to begin shipping December 2016.



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-Tj- wrote at 4/21/2016 9:49:04 AM:

I'm a bit suspicious of this campaign. It's clear from the comments there that some backers are, too. They claim they're trying to find a way to record the printer printing without revealing the internal structure, but even that sounds vague. I'm not doubting that they have a product (yet), but there's just so much vagueness about it, despite the long write-up. No names of the team, no pictures of prints, no printer printing video... Maybe it's just a poorly-executed campaign, but there's some key info missing. If the guys who are making this printer happen to read this, I would suggest updating the campaign as soon as possible with who you are, clear, high-res photos of prints made by the printer, and, most importantly, video of the printer actually working. Video of HOW it works is especially important to someone like me. I need to know that I'm investing in something someone put time and effort into making it work. I won't invest in just an idea, even if the entry fee is only $139. I say this as someone who was ready to click that $139 button to contribute, but backed off quickly after not seeing any solid proof that the printer works and is ready to prep for mass production. I was an early backer of the MOD-t, which is quite a unique printer in how it works, and they showed nearly everything from the very beginning, including working prototypes. If you want my money, I need to see more than just a nice-looking box and some fancy cost-savings talk.

Paul wrote at 4/20/2016 8:38:54 PM:

This one is only 1/3 of the price, great!

RepRapper wrote at 4/20/2016 3:05:28 PM:

So many CopyCats everywhere ... not just in China it seems.

Duch wrote at 4/19/2016 3:36:53 PM:

Isn't this just Pirate 3D's printer.....again?

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