Apr 27, 2016 | By Alec

The Amazon Echo smart speaker has been a huge hit since its 2015 release, and can already be found in thousands of kitchens and living rooms. It is especially popular for being voice activated, its ability to connect to a wide range of music streaming services, and its 360 degree sound projection. But why does it need to take up table space if its voice-controlled? Fortunately an enterprising Redditor called Alan has a solution. He has developed a handy 3D printed ceiling (or wall) mount for the Echo, and has started selling his design on Etsy.

This solves a very significant problem surrounding the Echo. Of course, you want to fully experience its 360 degree sound projection from every angle. So you put it somewhere in the center of the room, but you’ll find yourself constantly moving it around. Alan fortunately realized that the true natural habitat for this voice-activated speaker is right above our heads.

Another added advantage is that this will enhance the voice-activation properties as no furniture or other objects block sound waves. “I used to have issues with her not hearing me or needing me to repeat myself. The difference was immediately obvious and I don't think I can ever go back,” Alan explained. The only downside is that the privacy button will probably be out of reach.

The enterprising maker developed the mount on his own 3D printer, and shared the results on Reddit. As he explains (under the internet handle mennoniteminuterice), the mount is easily attached to any surface. “The mount allows for use in various configurations; ceiling mounted, on a wall, securely mounted to a counter-top (theft protection), etc. It can be adjusted to hold the Echo at any point on the trunk, allowing the speaker portion to be hidden behind a wall with only the microphone/ring showing,” he explained.

As the response was so overwhelming, Alan decided to set up a special Etsy web shop for the Echo mount, which can be found here. They are available in three different colors for just $25 each, though you can contact him for a custom version too. As it happens, Alan is also selling a 3D printed mount for the Amazon Dot, the Echo’s smaller cousin that can be attached to external speakers. Both, however, are quite easy to assemble, as you can see in the assembly clip below. A perfect solution for optimal listening comfort.



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