Apr 27, 2016 | By Benedict

3D printing giant Stratasys has announced a partnership with the New York-based Jacobs Institute that will see the two organizations create a new Center of Excellence in Buffalo, New York. The facility will be used to develop 3D printing techniques for medical applications.

Minnesota-based Stratasys is no stranger to medical applications of 3D printing technology. Since its merger with Israeli 3D printer manufacturer Objet in 2012, Stratasys has overseen the use of Objet machines in a variety of medical and dental 3D printing applications. These include prior collaborations with the Jacobs Institute, in which 3D printed vascular models were created to assist life-saving brain surgery. Despite this experience, however, the newly announced partnership with the Jacobs Institute represents something of a first step for Stratasys, which has never before partnered with an organization to focus wholly on medical 3D printing solutions.

With the opening of the new Center of Excellence, Stratasys and the Jacobs Institute will be able to develop and test new 3D printed medical devices and models, which can be demonstrated as part of educative and training programs. The facility will also serve as a referral center for hospitals and medical research organizations that are considering the possibility of installing 3D printers or 3D printing labs at their own locations.

Importantly, the Center of Excellence will take an open-door approach to 3D printing, enabling a variety of individuals—including patients—to get involved with and better understand the processes involved. "What is happening here is a new model in medicine and Buffalo is on the front lines," said Scott Rader, Stratasys General Manager. "The clinicians, even the patients can come down and see what's happening on a 3D printer, and the researchers can see how doctors are treating patients. That's what's unique.”

The Jacobs Institute, a New York-based nonprofit, is part of the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus, and already uses a Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D printer for its medical 3D printing operations. The opening of the Center of Excellence, however, will mark the beginning of a more formal relationship with Stratasys. “By partnering with Stratasys, the Jacobs Institute is bringing the leader in 3D printing to Buffalo to work closely with the JI and its partners, Kaleida Health and the University at Buffalo, to accelerate the development of new medical technologies,” said Bill Maggio, CEO of the Jacobs Institute. “Working together, the respective institutions will leverage their strengths to make an impact far greater than they could make individually.”

The role that Stratasys will take in the partnership will, on the whole, be one of provision rather than direct activity. The company plans to provide a range of 3D printing equipment and materials for the facility that will enable researchers to create 3D printed models in a variety of materials, colors, and levels of opacity. It will also collaborate with the Jacobs Institute on technical and clinical case studies where 3D printing plays a major role, and will provide financial support for key research projects.

“This announcement with the Jacobs Institute is an important milestone, marking the first time we are formally partnering with a medical organization to explore the exciting opportunities of 3D printing and healthcare,” Rader commented. “Stratasys brings decades of experience to the Jacobs Institute, a leader in 3D printed models, to push the boundaries of how these models can be used to train the next generation of physicians, and test new devices.”

Earlier this month, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited the Jacobs Institute to witness the creation of 3D printed vascular models.



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