May 5, 2016 | By Tess

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, sons and daughters everywhere will be wracking their brains for the ultimate gift to give to their moms. For some inspiration, we will release a list of ideas for 3D printed Mother’s Day gifts, but if none of those ideas is as elaborate as what you want to present to your dearest mother, then maybe this Groupon offer will suit you better. In a shocking, and quite amusing special Mother’s Day offer, Groupon is giving the opportunity to one of its clients to have a life-size, full-color 3D printed version of themselves shipped to their mother for the special holiday.

The offer, which is available to one person for the costly price of $30,000, is in collaboration with SWIGRO, an Auburn, Alaska based 3D printing company which is also the official distributor of the BigRep ONE, one of the largest 3D printers on the market today. For those who can afford it, the deal offered by Groupon includes travel costs (up to $2,500) for you to be 3D scanned and for your 3D blueprint to be established, the additive manufacturing of your life-size replica, the painting of it, and the shipping and handling of it to anywhere in the continental United States.

The unique Mother’s Day gift could be the ideal thing if you don’t get to spend enough time with your dear mother and want her to know you’re always by her side (in some capacity). As the offer states, “Once your 3D You is delivered, Mom will be able to take you along for all of her favorite activities and experiences such as getting a pedicure, going to lunch or attending a Broadway musical.”

Of course, with a price tag of 30k, the humorous gift—which lets be honest could be just as likely to scare your mother as bring her a smile—is not suited for everyone, and only one lucky Groupon customer will be surprising their mother with a 3D printed version of themselves.

Along with this fun, albeit strange 3D printed You Mother’s Day gift, Groupon has also posted an offer for a Mother’s Day Stand-In, where a Groupon employee would go visit your mother this Sunday in your stead. This last offer is also available to 1 person and is going for the hefty price of $25,000 (to be fair, the deal includes travel as well as a $5,000 shopping spree for your mom). Whether anyone will snatch up these truly one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day offers remains to be seen, but if you think your mother would appreciate a life-sized 3D printed version of you by her side at all times, then perhaps it is worth considering.



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