May 16, 2016 | By Benedict

YouTuber and 3D printing expert Simone Fontana, better known by his online handle 'FNTSMN', has made a pair of 3D printed 3DNA penny boards using two new 3D printing filaments from Formfutura. As part of the unveiling, the maker is also running a giveaway for 3x €80 Formfutura gift vouchers.

Just last week, we reported on the launch of three new 3D printing materials from Netherlands-based materials company Formfutura. While those materials had been kept under wraps by the company prior to release, talented designer Simone Fontana was given an early opportunity to play with both the ApolloX and TitanX filaments, which he used to create two impressive 3D printed miniature plastic skateboards, or penny boards. These boards are free to download and print, so if you’ve got the making and skating skills, it’s time to kick-flip your 3D printer into action.

The two 3D printed penny boards—one red, one white—have a mesmerizing appearance, and Fontana reckons they ride pretty well too. By printing the four 3D printed parts with an infill of 40-50% and assembling them with two steel bars and one threaded bar, Fontana found that the boards were well capable of withstanding his weight of 70kg. Part of that strength is down to the ApolloX and TitanX filaments used, which makers can get their hands on by entering Fontana’s giveaway for 3x €80 Formfutura web-shop coupons.

Fontana and Formfutura have developed a close working relationship, which also has resulted in the 3D printing materials company using Fontana’s 3D printed board in its promotional images for ApolloX, an industrial-grade ASA compound. With an impact strength of 18 KJ/m2, that 3D printing material should be well equipped to handle a few ollies, heelflips, and grinds, and has also been optimized for engineering uses.

The new 3D printed penny boards represent Fontana’s second attempt at such a creation, after this initial model was released in June 2015. That older design also looks the business, but doesn’t utilize the eye-catching (and material-saving) perforated effect present in V2. Both were designed by Fontana using Rhino and printed on an Ultimaker 2.

For those unfamiliar with Fontana’s work, the maker has 3D printing expertise beyond penny boards: when he isn’t skating his 3D printed creations down sidewalks, he’s usually working on highly detailed 3D printed game props, such as this 3D printed League of Legends Zenith Blade and this 3D printed Overwatch Tracer Gun.

Makers can find all of the 3D printable files for the penny boards over at Thingiverse, while the off-the-shelf trucks and wheels can be bought elsewhere.



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