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Prodways Group, an international 3D printing company, has today launched ‘Les Créations’, its new luxury, design, art, and architecture division. Les Créations will 3D print prototypes, molds, unique parts, and both series and pre-series parts, with an emphasis on a ‘Made in France’ label.

For a quarter of a century, Prodways Group has delivered parts to a diverse range of clients in the  luxury, design, art, and architecture sectors. The company today announced the formation of its newest division, ‘Les Créations’, which has been created specifically to handle 3D printing projects in those particular sectors. The newly formed division will purportedly support clients across the entire lifespan of a 3D printed product, from its initial sketch to its final 3D printed incarnation. Les Créations, which will emphasize its ‘Made in France’ tag, will manufacture prototypes, molds, one-off parts, pre-series parts, and series parts, and will apply hand-crafted and tailored finishing techniques via INITIAL.

Prodways Group and sister company INITIAL boast over 150 clients to their name, including 25 watchmakers and jewelers from the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris; scenography, design, and architecture agencies; and national museums. Prodways Group is seeking to improve its additive manufacturing services in order to deliver the highest quality 3D printed parts to those valued clients. The company has been working with technology-focused artists for over a decade, and intends to strengthen its position in the arts sector by seeking further talented clients for 3D printing collaborations.

Although it will function as its own entity, Les Créations will draw on resources from all corners of the Prodways Group’s extended network of experts. Contributors to the Les Créations cause will include the shape digitization team; a number of digital sculptors; the two materials R&D labs; the Prodways technical expertise center in Paris; the Prodways Materials workshop; the two design, control and 3D scan studios; various 3D printing facilities near the Swiss border; and the finishing and machining workshop for metal parts.

In what has been a busy week for Prodways Group, the 3D printing company also unveiled its ProMaker P1000 industrial laser sintering 3D printer at this year’s RAPID 3D printing conference in Orlando, Florida. That 3D printer, available for less than €100,000, becomes one of the most affordable laser sintering machines on the market. As well as 3D printers and custom 3D printed parts, Prodways Group also sells a line of 3D printing materials, including liquid resins, viscous resins, and polymer powders.

Prodways is part of Gorgé Group, an industrial technology group managed by the Gorgé family. In 2014, the Gorgé Group had around 1,500 employees across 12 countries.



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