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Stratasys is known for supporting innovation and research throughout the world, and to that end they have just set up the very first MakerBot Innovation Center in the Asia Pacific region. Run by Stratasys Asia Pacific, it is attached to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and is dedicated to providing students with all the equipment, knowledge and skillsets necessary to bring their ideas to life. MakerBot, of course, has been a part of Stratasys since 2013. The goal of this new Center, Stratasys Asia Pacific says, is to help the next generation of researchers and innovators develop their future products and careers for an increasingly chaotic (job) market.

Of course PolyU is not the first university to benefit from MakerBot 3D printing technology, but joins a growing list of universities across the globe that host MakerBot Innovation Centers. More than half a dozen Centers have previously been set up at leading US universities. But this is the first Innovation Center to open its doors in the Asia Pacific region and, like the others, is fully equipped to assist students in acquiring skillsets and pioneering ideas.

So what can you find at one of these MakerBot Innovation Centers? In a nutshell, they are centralized, scalable 3D printing hubs packed with MakerBot 3D printers and accompanying software platforms that concentrate 3D printing resources and knowledge in one location. Open to all departments, students and staff members, it provides a fantastic collaborative atmosphere that brings 3D printing and innovation together.

Understandably, PolyU is very happy with the Center. “By introducing the MakerBot Innovation Center, we strive to integrate digital design and 3D printing in the students' curriculum, enriching their learning experiences whilst enhancing their career readiness,” Professor H.C. Man, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of PolyU, said. “The MakerBot Innovation Center allows broader access to 3D printing and inspires creativity, which is well aligned with the university's mission. Students from different faculties and schools are invited to experience the 3D printing journey.”

According to Stratasys Asia Pacific, such Centers provide a lot more than research gimmicks or the ability to make a few quick prototypes. As the economy and the job market are changing very rapidly, they say, 21rst century digital making skills are becoming increasingly crucial for young graduates. STEAM literacy, digital collaborative skills, and real-world knowledge applications can provide avenues to success in that volatile job market. “3D printing enables students to tackle real-world problems in clear, tangible ways -- at any grade level. With MakerBot, students can master the same technology that is driving the jobs of tomorrow,” they rightly say.

As General Manager of MakerBot APJ Shiry Saar explained, the decision to open the newest center in Hong Kong was an easy one. “PolyU has always been a pioneer in advocating advanced technologies such as 3D printing,” Saar explained. “We are excited to see the first MakerBot Innovation Center in Asia at PolyU, offering their students an advantage in the job market after graduation. Reports indicate that learning from trials, working collaboratively across disciplines and managing a product from concept to a physical product are skills that employers are looking for. We look forward to seeing the new ideas that the access to 3D printing in PolyU inspires.”



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