May 26, 2016 | By Benedict

Formlabs, the Somerville, Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer and SLA specialist, has launched an updated version of its Castable Resin 3D printing material, a material suited for 3D printing jewelry, and announced a partnership with Gesswein, a global supplier of jewelry making tools. The new resin will debut next week at JCK Las Vegas, a national jewelry event.

Since launching its first incarnation of Castable Resin in 2014, Formlabs has seen the 3D printing material become a staple product in the glistening world of jewelry. The 3D printing material became widely adopted in both independent jewelers and large casting houses, and Formlabs sought to collaborate with as many of those users as possible to gather feedback for the next version of the material. According to Dávid Lakatos, Head of Product at Formlabs, the new Castable Resin has been tailored to “accentuate those specific capabilities important to jewelry professionals.”

The new Castable Resin 3D printing material has a waxlike appearance, simplifying the inspection and preparation process for printed parts. The fine detail afforded by the material is ideal for creating delicate inscriptions, filigree, and milgrain, while a high level of accuracy contributes to perfect prongs, holes, and fine features. Its “superior surface finish” requires minimal touchups, reducing both metal loss and total finishing time, while its clean burnout—free of ash or residue—produces perfect parts ready for finishing.

To coincide with the introduction of the refined resin, the company is also introducing new Fine Detail settings for the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, its hugely popular desktop SLA printer. These settings have been tailored specifically for printing fine jewelry, and have been optimized for all Castable Resin layer thicknesses. According to Formlabs, adopting these settings will result in a significant improvement in both the quality and printing speed of fine 3D printed jewelry pieces.

In other jewelry-related news from Formlabs, the 3D printing company has also announced a reseller partnership with Gesswein, a global supplier of jewelry making tools. “The partnership with Formlabs adds a new dimension and excitement to the Gesswein product line, being able to introduce affordable, sophisticated 3D printers like the Form 2 to those customers who want to get into this ever growing and ever changing technology,” said Scott Petrillo, Vice President of Sales at Gesswein.

Gesswein’s direct involvement with Formlabs signals just how seriously the jewelry world is now taking 3D printing. Both companies hope that a formal partnership will help to further narrow the gap between the tech and jewelry sectors, and are targeting both large and small jewelers as potential 3D printing converts: “3D printing has already impacted the jewelry industry,” said Luke Winston, Head of Sales at Formlabs. “Now, the industrial performance and prosumer price of the Form 2 will accelerate that revolution anywhere from individual designers all the way to luxury brands. That’s why we sought out a partner that jewelers know and trust.”

Formlabs’ Castable Resin has been designed to produce minimum ash after burnout, leaving a clean void in the mold. Prints made with the material should be post-cured for around 2 hours, at 45°C, under a 405 nm wavelength light source.

Formlabs will showcase its Form 2 3D printer, new Castable Resin, and sample items of 3D printed jewelry next week at JCK Las Vegas, the most prominent jewelry event in North America.



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