Jun 1, 2016 | By Andre

It wasn’t long ago that we covered DottyView, a cloud based 3D model file viewer with all the bells and whistles you could hope for. Complete with the latest WebGI technology, the platform allows for live collaborative editing, a wide range of compatible 3D model formats and a lean HTML5 web-based interface (which means both efficient programming and cross-platform compatibility).

Dotty Digital, the company behind DottyView, is now stepping up its game in announceing DottyAR, the augmented reality counterpart to the already established DottyView cloud service.

Currently available at the google play store (Apple store to follow), DottyAR lets you view just about any of the popular 3D model formats in augmented form thanks to its proprietary translation service. Once imported, the user can animate and sequence their creations for presentations that can now come to life.

The augmented reality option should set DottyAR apart from other online file viewers such as Autodesk’s 360 Viewer. Also, considering the range of VR headsets that have just recently hit the market, the timing is perfect for DottyAR. Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive will surely be compatible from a VR perspective; the same certainly applies to Google Cardboard (which comes included with a special introductory offer on the site’s website).

So how does it all work? First, a user uploads a 3D model file to the cloud service as one would with the previously available DottyView. From there, a 2D tracker (see below example image) is printed to track the location for augmented reality viewing (via the DottyAR app).

Just imagine, you’re presented with a business card with a DottyAR tracker code on it. All you need to do is scan your smartphone over it while the app is running and you’ll instantly have access to any 3D model files associated with the code via the cloud. Another case study described by the company makes it possible for podiatrists working with patient orthotics to visualize what a 3D printed orthotic would look like on a patient before the print process takes place. This can save lots in terms of production cost.

While still a young company, they suggest their software is already being adopted in pilot programs by 2 of the largest Oil and Gass companies, 2 of the largest BPOs and also the largest eye wear company in the world.

From a 3D print perspective, it lends itself to the technology just like any advancements in 3D design software would. If you’re bouncing off the walls with excitement over this pretty cool announcement, the company will be in attendance at this years Augmented Reality World Expo taking place in Santa Clara California.

There’s very little doubt that the combination of augmented reality, 3D printing and VR in general  are making waves in the tech circuit these days. Developments like DottyAR provide consumers with yet another choice to view, collaborate and share their designs and experiences via a very intuitive, cutting edge and cloud based solution.



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