Jun 7, 2016 | By Tess

If calling in to work when you’re feeling under the weather makes you cringe and squirm, if your boss is unsympathetic to the fact that you’ve been sniffling all morning and are suffering from what is commonly referred to as “man flu” then you, sir, are in luck! Australian Groupon has teamed up with Keech 3D, an East Bendigo, Australia-based advanced 3D printing company, to offer its buyers a 3D printed, eerily realistic looking, full-size body double meant to stand in for you at work when you’re feeling a bit man flu-ish.

The deal, which comes just months after Groupon’s amusing Mother’s Day 3D printed full-size replica offer, will cost Australian Groupon users $59,000 and is on for a limited time offer. According to the website, the 3D printed stand-in can sit in on meetings, stare blankly at your computer screen until the end of the day, and keep your seat warm at work while the real you gets to sip hot soup in front of the TV, or cuddle up in bed, or even just play hooky.

For those unfamiliar with the often debilitating “man flu”, Groupon explains it quite succinctly saying, “Like warm beer or a broken thong, man flu is the Aussie male’s kryptonite. During winter each year, tens of thousands of blokes are struck down with flu symptoms similar to those that appear in women – only infinitely worse. Runny noses, foggy heads, and a mild temperature are enough for them to spend up to four days on the couch, wasting precious sick days.”

The 3D printed man, which is featured as part of Australia Groupon’s Winter Warmers deals, will surely help you save a few sick days, if you can cough up $59,000. If you do take advantage of the limited time offer, you’ll have to undergo a full body 3D scan, which can either be captured at Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing’s office in East Bendigo, or at the location of the customer’s choosing. The scan itself should only take about 30 minutes, but travel costs may be incurred. Once you’ve been 3D scanned, the company will have your 3D printed body double additively manufactured, shipped, and delivered within 4 weeks time.

Whether anyone actually shells out $59k to have themselves 3D printed in life-size, and whether they use the body double to sneak in a few extra sick days remains to be seen. What the amusing Groupon deal does play in to, however, is a growing trend for 3D printing services to offer full body replicas of people, as we saw last week with these impressive $3,000 3D printed life-size replicas.



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