Jun 9, 2016 | By Tess

Fans of the Deus Ex video game franchise will likely have already heard the news about the new instalment, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is being released later this summer on August 23, 2016. In addition to having released an exciting trailer for the upcoming video game just yesterday (which revealed a new arcade shooter mode that has fans buzzing), the game’s developers, Eidos Montreal and publishers, Square Enix, have also unveiled an exciting new partnership with OpenBionics through which they will be creating a functional and stylish prosthetic arm inspired by the game’s protagonist, Adam Jensen.

The Deus Ex video game franchise, which is itself set in a world where human augmentation through mechanical prosthetics is the norm, seems like a natural source of inspiration for prosthetic design. In fact, as André Vu, executive brand director of Deus Ex Universe, explained, fans of the video game have even approached the developers asking to buy their augmented prosthetic pieces. “Unfortunately we have to say we’re not building any arms, we’re just a video game company,” he says. “But that triggers the thing where we say, we should do something.”

And do something they did. To get the ball rolling on their idea for a series of Deus Ex inspired prosthetics, the game developers approached OpenBionics, an open-source initiative dedicated to the creation of functional and affordable 3D printed prosthetics. You might remember the organization for their previous work with Marvel, where they created these awesome 3D printed superhero inspired prosthetics for children.

Together, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix, and OpenBionics are working on the development of two Deus Ex inspired bionic arms, which are set to be finished in 2017. The first model is inspired by Adam Jensen’s own bionic arm, and the second is described as the Deus Ex Universe arm. The 3D illustrations of the arms are undeniably stunning, as Vu added that “we wanted something to touch upon high fashion…something that looks very slick and you could be very proud to wear.”

According to OpenBionics, the arms are still in the development phase, though they have an functional prototype already. The next steps will be to improve functionality—the prosthetic will have moveable fingers and wrists), and to finalize the sleek finish of the bionic arms. The project has also enlisted the help of Intel RealSense and Razer’s Stargazer division to improve the prosthetics functionality and design through one-to-one mapping software. Razer’s Stargazer software will be used to demonstrate the bionic arm at the upcoming E3 and Gamescom exhibitions, as it will let people visualize what having a prosthetic arm would be like.

Perhaps most excitingly, OpenBionics has stated that once the designs for the bionic arms are finalized, all the design files will be made open-source so that anyone can 3D print and create their own Deus Ex prosthetic at home.



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