Jun 13, 2016 | By Tess

Fire & Bone, which our readers may remember from their previous collections of stunning 3D printed animal skull replica jewelry, has just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming fourth collection, which features eight new animal skull models as well as a new way to display the skeletal pieces.

The animal skull jewelry company, which was founded by 3D design and printing experts Jason Bakutis, Chris Boynton, and Matt Kroner, has over the past couple years made a name for itself, even selling its detailed and miniature pieces at a number of world famous science and nature museums. Fire & Bone now boasts a collection of 35 different animal skull species, each made with detailed precision through a process of high-resolution 3D scanning, precise digital miniaturization, 3D printing wax models, and finally metal casting.

Their latest collection, which in just a week has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $6,000 (the campaign currently has over $30,000 in pledges), has added a number of new animal species, including the the musk ox, the goat, the sacred ibis, and the racoon, as well as some of their most requested species: the white-tailed deer, and the American alligator, wolverine, and coyote, which each have articulated jaws (all the better to examine their teeth with). In addition to the new skull replica pendants, the Fire & Bone team are also offering two new non-skull pieces: an elegant deer antler pendant, and a more fearsome coyote claw pendant.

Of course, if you don’t want to wear the miniature animal skulls, you can always opt to have the life-like pieces mounted on miniature collector’s bases, which look straight out of the museum. The small wooden bases not only hold the tiny skulls, but have their common and scientific names engraved on them. The skulls themselves, which are cast using traditional techniques, can be bought in a number of materials, including White Bronze, Yellow Bronze, or Sterling Silver.

In a first for the company, Fire & Bone is also offering a selection of larger-scaled skulls, to be used as desktop displays, in their ongoing Kickstarter campaign. For now, the wolverine, merino ram, and gray wolf skull replicas are available in the larger format, which each measure three inches in length, and can be made from a bleached bone white or matte black plastic material.

The Kickstarter campaign, which will be funded on July 13th, still has a number of rewards for interested parties. On the lower end of the reward spectrum are the coyote claw pendant ($25) and the deer antler pendant ($30), for a pledge of $35 you can get any skull of your choice in pendant form or $40 for it mounted on a base (only in white or yellow bronze). The desktop display skulls, which will allow you to study the skulls in greater detail, are going for $50 a piece. Naturally, the sterling silver pieces are more expensive, ranging between $80-$125. For $300, the highest reward, you can get the entire collection of skulls (minus the desktop display ones).

As stated on the company’s Kickstarter page, “Like us, our incredible backers are passionate naturalists, miniature collectors, and animal lovers and we hope you get as big a kick at seeing and holding these tiny new skulls as we do.”

To see more of Fire & Bone’s work, you can check out their webshop or read about their earlier collections with us here.




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