Jun 13, 2016 | By Benedict

To celebrate the kickoff of Euro 2016, the international football (soccer) tournament of Europe, British 3D printing company CEL has designed a set of 3D printable table football figurines depicting England superstars Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy, Jack Wilshere, and Daniel Sturridge.

International football tournaments tend to be a time of intense anticipation, fleeting joy, and inevitable heartache for England supporters. High hopes? Check. Promising early displays? Check. Losing on penalties in the quarter-finals? Of course. That heartache could soon be over, however, because Bristol-based 3D printing company CEL has designed a set of 3D printed table football figurines, which fans can use to play their own version of the tournament instead. 1-1 against Russia? Actually, we beat them 26-0!

For those who are feeling a bit more positive about the real tournament in France, the 3D printed figurines could also just be used to celebrate the good times ahead, with 3D printed Rooney serving as an enthusiastic mascot to the boys on the pitch. Sound like your cup of tea? The four foosball superstars can all be downloaded for free here. Be warned, though: we certainly see the face and hair of Jack Wilshere in his 3D printed doppelgänger, but the other three figurines take artistic license to the extreme. Did Jamie Vardy do something mean to the designer? And who is that mysterious bald player?

CEL, the company behind the patriotic figurines, is also the company behind the Robox 3D printer, an £999 ($1,425) FFF machine which recently scooped 3D Hubs’ “Best of Plug’n’Play” award for 2016. The 3D printer features a 0.8mm nozzle for strong sections with large wall thicknesses, and a 0.3mm nozzle for fine details and low layer heights. Earlier this year, CEL introduced a dual-material printing head for the Robox.

“The UK is gearing up for a huge summer of sport, and we’re already going football mad here at CEL,” said Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of Robox. “When it comes to getting into the football spirit though, hanging up a few flags is so 2012. With affordable 3D printing reaching more and more homes across the country, ambitious makers out there can turn everything into an homage to the Three Lions. Your faceless table football players can now be our top stars—and if they get knocked out at the group stages then they’re also easy to remove!”

L-R: ???, Daniel Sturridge, Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy, Jack Wilshere

Whatever your allegiance for Euro 2016, CEL’s 3D printed figurines could add a much-needed dose of fun to the tournament, which has so far been marred by crowd troubles, low-scoring matches, and the presence of Olivier Giroud.



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