Jun 15, 2016 | By Benedict

Autodesk has announced updates to its cloud-based Forge platform, including a dedicated 3D Print API, as well as Autodesk Forge Fund investments in three companies: 3D Robotics, MakeTime, and Seebo. The announcement was made at Forge DevCon, Autodesk’s inaugural event for cloud developers.

The Autodesk Forge Platform is a set of cloud services, APIs, and SDKs which developers can use to create data, apps, and services for a range of professional projects. The platform has only been live since December, but Autodesk has moved fast to introduce a number of new features as more and more businesses adopt the service for their own cloud-based needs.

“We are seeing Forge used to power the future of making things for a variety of applications ranging from part inspection to sub-sea surveying, from managing mines with drones to turning cost estimation into a competitive advantage, and building online design and manufacturing services and much, much more,” said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president of Products at Autodesk. “It is clear to us that there is an enormous demand for an easy-to-use and scalable platform to build all sorts of manufacturing and AEC applications. There are endless opportunities created by a combination of our web service APIs and entrepreneurial developer talent.”

Additions to the Autodesk Forge Platform include:

  • 3D Print API: Enables developers to build customized 3D printing solutions, from preparation to print management. Includes a suite of tools for mesh repair and slicing, and can deliver files to 3D printers with remote monitoring and production management, as well as using sample apps to heal 3D models. Currently in beta.
  • Viewer: Displays 2D and 3D design files in a web/mobile viewer compatible with 50+ file formats.
  • Model Derivative API: Translates design files from one format to another, prepares them for online viewing, and extracts geometry data.
  • Design Automation API: Allows developers to run AutoCAD scripts on the Cloud.
  • Authentication: Open standard used across platform to authenticate and authorize.
  • Data Management API: Manages data across Autodesk software and the Forge native Object Storage Service. Enables users to move files between different Autodesk products through one channel.
  • Reality Capture API: Turns a series of photos into 3D data. Geolocated orthographic view can be used for geo-tagged images from drones and other devices.

In addition to these updates to the Forge platform, Autodesk also announced investments in three companies through the Autodesk Forge Fund, set up to make investments in innovative companies using the cloud-based services platform. The three companies are 3D Robotics (3DR), a leading drone maker; MakeTime, an online manufacturing platform; and Seebo, an IoT / smart products software developer.

3D Robotics is currently using the Forge platform to develop an aerial capture and analytics platform for enterprise field professionals in the infrastructure, construction, survey, mapping, telecom, and energy industries. The platform enables users to convert drone-captured images into usable engineering data. MakeTime is using Forge platform in tandem with Fusion 360 and several APIs to connect designers and engineers to MakeTime's online CNC machine shop. Seebo has connected Fusion 360 and Fusion Connect, an IoT platform, to allow users to drag and drop components (sensors, Bluetooth devices, accelerometers, etc.) into a product design framework, transforming them into smart technology.

The announcements were made at Forge DevCon, Autodesk’s inaugural event for Forge users, which attracted over 1,000 developers to the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The event forms part of Autodesk’s Forge developer program, which provides learning, support, and business development resources for participating companies.



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