Jun 16, 2016 | By Tess

After much ado, the long-awaited Shanghai Disneyland has officially opened! Featuring magnificent castles, islands, and gardens, the new theme park is sure to offer its guests a wonderful fairytale experience. UReal 3D Shanghai also joined in on the magic by helping in the construction of the newly opened park, effectively becoming Shanghai Disneyland’s first 3D printing partner. As part of the partnership, UReal 3D Shanghai will also provide 3D printing products, and integrated solutions.

The theme park, which is said to have cost Walt Disney Co. $5.5 billion and which opened June 16th, is also being touted by its designers and engineers as one of the most grandiose and ambitious theme parks Disney has created, in part because of 3D design technologies which helped the park’s designers and engineers identity and fix building problems well before construction actually began.

According to the cooperation agreement between UReal 3D and Shanghai Disneyland, UReal 3D will provide services covering engineering data, 3D printing services, post-processing and others. The partnership also means UReal 3D Shanghai will officially enter Disney's demanding global suppliers system, and will replace Disney's US 3D printing services to supply Disney China's 3D printing market.

UReal 3D is an industrial-grade 3D printing company in China, with more than ten years of industry experience under its belt. The company has significant achievements in terms of equipment and materials research, development, technology innovation, and application development. It is also the nation’s industry leader in 3D printing services, for instance it has completed a number of sophisticated 3D printing products for the Shanghai Concert Hall and Songjiang "Rafael cloud Gallery".

When talking about why it chose UReal 3D as its first 3D printing partner, Shanghai Disneyland staff said that in addition to geographical advantages, UReal 3D, in the field of 3D printing, is as good as its US counterpart.

An official said: "We compared the mainland companies to almost all 3D printing companies. In the end, UReal 3D, in data processing, printing process monitoring, process materials and post-processing demonstrated a good quality standard system, with some even higher than our standards for the same type of American suppliers, which makes us very surprised and appreciated."

Huang Heming, deputy general manager of UReal 3D, said: "We are honored Shanghai Disney chose us to provide local 3D printing services. Disney's internationalization standards will greatly enhance the overall strength of UReal 3D, it is a positive interaction. "

Huang Heming hopes to take this as a starting point to build up UReal 3D's 3D printing capabilities, integrated services, and standardization system. He also hopes the partnership will help the company to cooperate with Shanghai Disneyland in more fields.



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