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Remember M3D? Back in 2014, the US-based 3D printer developer took the budget 3D printing market by storm with their Micro 3D printer, which proved to be an excellent and popular entry-level option that cost just $199 on Kickstarter. Building on that experience, the same company has just unveiled the M3D Pro 3D printer at CE Week 2016 in New York, which kicks off today. Costing just $500 at pre-order, it packs many of the features you might expect on a high quality machine into a compact budget 3D printer.

As M3D previously proved with the Micro, they are perfectly aware of what certain customer segments in the 3D printing world want. And with the M3D Pro, they are seeking to target those users who want the most value for their bucks and are more than happy to find a place between the budget and the professional-grade 3D printers. Taking in plenty of customer feedback following the successful release of the Micro, the M3D team therefore developed a competitively priced 3D printer that provides many of the features experienced users look for among the hardware’s properties.

This means that the M3D Pro is, both in its appearance and its capabilities, an upgraded version of the Micro. In a nutshell, the M3D Pro 3D printer delivers a more reliable 3D printing experience through a quicker and larger setup, which remains easy-to-use and very accessible. Outfitted with a heated bed option and a 7.8” x 7.2” x 7.2” print volume packed into a 10.5” cube, the M3D Pro is a very compact machine that optimally uses available space. “Every hardware component within M3D’s newest model was built to optimize efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its inherent accessibility and affordability, simplifying the process of taking a 3D file to a 3D print for consumers and professionals alike,” its makers say.

The M3D Pro's predecessor: The Micro 3D printer.

But the 3D printer’s performance is also superior to that of the Micro, thanks to two ARM-core processors (an unusual setup for a 3D printer) and a network of more than two dozen sensors. Speed, filament usage, temperature and power levels are all monitored. By rapidly pooling that data, it enables a consistent and quick 3D printing experience (60 mm per second), while power level data is used by an auto-recovery option that can save prints that might’ve been ruined by an unexpected power outage.

These excellent features have even convinced M3D CEO and founder Michael Armani to argue that they are setting a new benchmark for 3D printers. “We’ve designed the Pro to have all of the capabilities of a commercial printer at a cost consumers want. It’s the natural next step for the industry, transcending the limitations of casual use and allowing users to create more practical, everyday objects—whether it’s a customized print to add that finishing touch to a cosplay outfit, printing out a difficult-to-source part for a budding DIY project, or everyday household goods,” he argues.

What’s more, the M3D Pro 3D printer is also compatible with all industry standard 1.75 mm filaments, including particle-filled materials and high-temperature materials (up to 270 C) – giving users plenty of making freedom. It also accepts all standard G-code formats, making it compatible with just about every third-party 3D printing applications, though it also comes with the free M3D Software package. Combine that with  25-350 micron layer heights and a pre-order price of just $500 (depending on chosen add-ons), and the M3D Pro becomes a very attractive option.

If you’re interested in this M3D Pro 3D printer, be sure to visit the M3D team at CE Week (ongoing until 23 June) in New York, who will be giving 3D printing demonstrations at booth #128. The 3D printer itself will become available for pre-order in August 2016.

Full features

  • Heated Print Bed.
  • Large Build Volume: Print objects up to 7.8” tall or 7.2” x 7.2” wide.
  • Embedded Recovery Option.
  • Stand Alone Mode to enable tether-free 3D printing.
  • Advanced Sensor Network.
  • Construction: Precision ground metal components, glass surface heated bed, durable ABS Frame.
  • Accuracy: 25-350 micron layer heights, 0.40 mm nozzle extrusion.
  • Print speed: Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s.



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me wrote at 8/13/2016 2:59:42 PM:

the pro has the same specs as the micro, so it's going to be just as slow!

KnightFire wrote at 6/29/2016 4:15:52 AM:

The M3D Micro was nasty slow, how much faster is this printer to n comparison?

Tom wrote at 6/23/2016 5:09:05 AM:

This printer is amazing. I'm in love with the design.

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