Jun 22, 2016 | By Benedict

Materialise has launched Mimics Innovation Suite 19, the latest edition of its popular medical 3D imaging software package. The updated software offers faster segmentation, easier FEA meshing, improved usability, and other new features.

Many medical and dental professionals swear by Mimics, and Materialise has just delivered an update which should keep both new and existing users happy for the foreseeable future. Mimics Innovation Suite, which contains both the Mimics image processing software and 3-matic design and meshing software, is used to generate 3D models from CT scans, MRI scans, and other sources of stacked image data, and can be used for surgical simulation, the optimization of 3D printed medical devices and implants, and various other applications. With Mimics Innovation Suite 19, Materialise has introduced a handful of new features and improvements which will purportedly allow users to perform tasks with greater and ease and precision than in previous editions.

An important refinement made to the latest software package is the ability to perform faster segmentation: users can now split different anatomies with a Split Mask tool, alternate between 2D and 3D editing in a single Edit Mask operation, and make minute adjustments to a 3D model using an intuitive Contour Editing feature. An updated CT Heart tool enables faster semi-automated heart segmentations, while the Mask 3D Preview lets medical professionals review their mask operations in 3D before creating the final 3D models. “The Split tool is a great addition to the base functionality of the Mimics software,” said Danielle Beski, a biomedical engineer and Mimics user. “It saves a lot of time on segmentation by requiring the user to only make selections on one slice. The new 3D preview tool is a great way to see changes in real time without having to recalculate 3D models multiple times.”

Another new feature in Mimics Innovation Suite 19 is an easier FEA meshing process. Workflow has been improved with new robust algorithms capable of building uniform meshes and non-manifold assemblies, as well as a new and improved FE solver link and simplified user interface. Materialise claims that the revamped FEA meshing process will be easier for beginners while also giving experienced users a greater degree of flexibility and control. The Uniform Remesh tool, grid-based non-manifold assembly tool, and simplified remesh menu are just some of the features improved in the new update. “I will no longer have to spend hours or even days on getting complex meshes ready for FEA,” said the University of South Florida’s Jonathan Ford about the new grid-system non-manifold assembly tool. “This is a dream come true.”

a live 3D mask preview

In addition to the improved segmentation and FEA meshing processes, Materialise has taken steps to improve the overall usability of the Mimics Innovation Suite. Users can now add measurements, annotations, and analytical primitives to a 3D PFD, while Mimics files can now be saved faster. Materialise Mimics Research customers can now also enjoy ultrasound imports from GE Vivid, General Electric’s ultrasound technology system.

Existing license holders can download the new version of Mimics Innovation Suite immediately.



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Nilesh Thorat wrote at 2/13/2019 3:10:24 PM:

where i can buy these machines in india... we are working with CT / MRI machine in pune... our company interested to buy this 3D module making machine and software also ....

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