Jun 28, 2016 | By Benedict

Innofil3D has unveiled the ‘Innofil3D Professional Series,’ its latest product line, and PRO1, the first material in that line. The Professional Series materials will have properties suitable for ‘functional prints, prototypes, or low volume production.’

This week, Amsterdam becomes Europe’s additive manufacturing hotbed, with the Dutch capital hosting the Additive Manufacturing Europe trade show. The business-to-business event will showcase the latest in additive manufacturing solutions, 3D printers, and 3D printing materials. One company keen to promote its latest filament offering is Innofil3D, a Dutch materials specialist with over 25 years of experience in filament development and production. Innofil3D today unveiled its new Professional Series of materials at the trade show, with its PRO1 thermoplastic becoming the first material in the series.

Calling its latest range of materials “Professional” was, according to the company, not a decision taken lightly. Since the term implies an objective level of quality, as well as specific material attributes, Innofil3D had to ensure that the product being created could really deliver on its promise of professional usability. Being the first filament manufacturer to release standardized 3D printed part material data according to ISO 527, 179 and 178, the company has a proven track record in material science expertise, and believes its latest product to be its best yet.

If Innofil3D’s fact sheet is to be believed, its new PRO1 3D printing filament delivers notable advantages over its predecessors, including added speed, strength, versatility, and consistency. Users can expect to reduce their printing time by 30-80 percent, subject to printer limitations, when using their 3D printer at temperatures of around 220-230°C. A modified flow enables to material to print extremely quickly at these temperatures, while also demonstrating a strength superior to that of printed ABS. According to Innofil3D, further tweaking of print settings enables a user to take total control of the print job taking place, with emphasis able to be placed on speed or surface finish.

For many 3D printer users, material selection is often a toss-up between PLA and ABS, with both common filaments offering particular advantages. According to Innofil3D, its new PRO1 material offers a “best of both worlds” solution, delivering the high-speed printability of PLA and the more rugged material properties typically associated with ABS—actually surpassing the common materials on both counts.

Innofil3D had been keeping PRO1 under wraps until today’s showcase in Amsterdam, but gave a handful of companies and academics an early release package for testing. “I have to say that for me this is a game changer,” said Juri Pranjic of 3Dworkbench, one of the early users of the material. “I’m really impressed about the speeds I achieved with this material. Printing at 70mm/s with a proper an good result is no longer a problem.”

For those in the Amsterdam area, the Additive Manufacturing Europe show (above) continues until June 30, and will feature a number of talks, conferences, and product launches.



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