Jun 28, 2016 | By Alec

One of the biggest 3D printing event in Europe, the Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 Expo, just opened its doors in Amsterdam and again hides numerous 3D printing innovations. Among them is the latest 3D printer by Polish innovators Zortrax – who previously received numerous accolades for their M200 3D printer. Its successor, the Zortrax M300, provides users with a much larger workspace and is intended to be more suitable for professional environments.

Of course the Zortrax M200 3D printer is a very popular device, in part for its excellent plug-and-play features, and expectations for a successor were therefore naturally high. But it seems like Zortrax – who have been on the 3D printing scene since 2011 and became a huge Kickstarter success – certainly delivered. The M300 3D printer builds upon many of the loved M200 features, and has packaged them into a much larger workspace.

Indeed, as founder and CEO Rafał Tomasiak revealed, that was the biggest wish that customers conveyed in their feedback. “The Zortrax M300 is our direct response to the needs of our customers. They've often indicated the need for a device that is as accurate and reliable as our previous M200 3D printer, but which would allow them to create larger, professional prototypes as a whole - without the necessity of splitting up a project into a series of smaller components,” he said. “The M300 is yet another step taken towards simplifying 3D printing for our end users. Eliminating the process of having to connect smaller prototype components makes the entirety of a project less engaging and time-consuming for our customers.”

And it certainly is bigger. While the M200’s 200x200x180 mm build space wasn’t the smallest around, many users will quickly get used to the M300’s comfortable 300x300x300 mm build space – large enough to 3D print entire motorcycle helmet in a single session.

Of course many of the familiar features of the M200 have returned with this new 3D printer, but the M300 also contains several new features that are intended to optimize the prototyping experience. “The new 3D printing material spools are larger than those used in the M200 and allow users to check how much material has been used; making it easier to plan each subsequent print and project,” its makers say. “The M300 also comes bundled with Side Covers. These protect a user's 3D print and help maintain a constant temperature within the build space, which can help prevent any model deformations.”

But like its predecessor, the M300 also relies on Zortrax’s layer plastic deposition (LPD) 3D printing technology. 3D printing at a resolution of anywhere from 90 to 300 microns for a single extruder, the Zortrax M300 is capable of using 4 different types of Zortrax 3D printing filaments: the versatile Z-ULTRAT, the matte Z-HIPS, the semi-transparent Z-GLASS and Z-PETG, which is known for its resistance to just about all kinds of salts, acids and a lot more.

And of course the Zortrax M300 is every bit as plug-and-play as its predecessor and can be fired up straight out of the box. Zortrax fans will doubtlessly be satisfied. Available in a starter kit, it comes with safety glasses, gloves and post-print cleaning tools as well.

There’s thus plenty to see at Zortrax’s stand at Additive Manufacture Europe 2016 expo. Among others, the company is also showcasing its previously released 3D printers and its specialized Z-SUITE software. But perhaps the biggest eye catcher is a gigantic 3D printed superhero model. See for yourself at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 (open to visitors until June 30) at stand number 400.



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Josh! wrote at 7/6/2016 9:27:09 PM:

looks like they still cantilever the build platform. I imagine the thing would start to sag when you load it up with plastic.

fgydg wrote at 6/30/2016 3:14:07 PM:

sadly still no dualextruder or a proper support structure solution...

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