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Lotte Department Store, a major Korean retailer, will today implement a new 3D foot scanner at its flagship store in Myeongdong, giving shoppers quick and accurate measurements for custom shoe orders. The 3D scanner, made by Volumental, will be introduced to other locations from July 29.

Lotte's new 3D foot scanning system

Thanks to a new 3D scanning system, shoe-shoppers in Korea are now one step ahead of the rest of us. Lotte Department Store, of the country’s biggest retailers, has just introduced a new 3D foot scanning system to the Tandy shoe store, part of its flagship location in Myeongdong. The clever new machine, which will be brought to other Lotte stores in the coming months, enables customers to measure their own feet in just two seconds.

Shopping for shoes is a polarizing experience. For many, seeking out the perfect pair of heels or sneakers represents the ultimate form of retail therapy; for others, lacing up in public is a thankless ordeal. Members of both camps, however, are generally agreed on one thing: getting measured for shoes is dull, and sometimes just plain awkward. Nobody wants to buy the wrong size, but nor does anyone want a trainee shop assistant squeezing their toes.

Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong

Lotte Department Store’s new 3D foot scanner, developed by Swedish 3D scanning startup Volumental, enables customers to quickly and easily determine their foot shape, length, height, and width. With this information, shoppers can then choose a design of their choice and have a tailor-made pair of shoes stitched up and sent to them in just two weeks. The machine will even give product recommendations based on the customer’s foot size and shape. Shoppers can also choose to have their measurements sent to them afterwards, or have them stored in the shop’s system for future purchases.

The Tandy shoe store, part of Lotte Department Store’s flagship Myeongdong premises, will become the first store to use the 3D scanning technology. The scanning service will, however, be introduced to other shoe brands across the country starting July 29. Lotte Department Stores also plans to introduce a 3D virtual fitting service for clothing later this year. The service will utilize a special mirror which provides a virtual reflection of the shopper’s outfit by applying a 3D image of the product onto their body.

“We’re trying to create a more convenient environment for our customers by making use of the latest advanced technologies,” said Lee Wan-shin, chief of marketing, Lotte Department Store. “We’ll continue our efforts to make store visits a more pleasant shopping experience.”

Caroline Walerud of Volumental

Volumental, the Swedish company behind the 3D foot scanning technology, has long been earmarked as a startup to keep tabs on. Its cofounder Caroline Walerud made it into Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list earlier this year, making her one of the most important women in 3D printing.



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