Jul 25, 2016 | By Alec

Something miraculous has been happening for about three weeks or so. A generation that was thought to never use their knees again suddenly got up and spent hours walking outside and exploring the countryside. And all it took was a special app inspired by the most addictive franchise in the world: Pokémon. And while Pokémon Go has been designed to be accessible to players of every skill level, there’s just one hurdle that many players struggle with: throwing Poké Balls. While it looks so simple, getting a perfect swipe to throw the Poké Ball and catch that Psyduck can be a very frustrating process. But there is a solution: a 3D printable iPhone case that ensures a perfect swipe, each and every time.

Of course this is by no means the first Pokémon Go-related 3D printing project. Just last week, designers used 3D printers to tackle the most frustrating limitation of smartphone technology: battery life. Their solution? A completely thematic 3D printed PokéDex smartphone case that doubles as an extra battery pack.

While that smartphone case certainly enables users to add a few extra miles to their Poké Adventures, it does nothing to make catching those Zubats any easier. And we’ve all been faced with that frustrating reality when we just can’t seem to perfectly flick the balls in a straight line. We’d rather not disclose how many Poké Ball we’ve wasted ourselves. Let’s just say that the nearby Poké Stop is of vital importance. But the Poké Ball Aimer by John Cleaver might be the perfect solution. A 3D printable iPhone case, it features a special trench that covers most of the screen and ensures that your aim is true every time.

Designed for the iPhone 6, it’s an ingenious little 3D printing project that just shows what a bright mind can achieve with a desktop FDM 3D printer. While John did not disclose his reasons for designing it, we can only assume he struggles with his Poké Balls as much as we do. “Can’t quite get that perfect throw? Frustrated when countless Poké Balls randomly fly sideways? Worry no longer! This 3D printable Poké Balls aimer ensures your finger never goes astray. Simply slip your iPhone into the case, give it a flick, and you’ll be catching Pokémon with ease,” he says of the design.

This clever little screen cover will be fairly straightforward to 3D print, and should fit on just about every 3D printing platform out there. If you’re interested, you can find the downloadable designs on Thingiverse here. What’s more, though this case is currently only compatible with the iPhone 6, John already said that he intends to alter it for other phones if there is sufficient interest. Finally, if you don’t have a 3D printer, you can also order a Poké Ball Aimer through his Etsy here.

The only downside is that the Poké Ball Aimer is definitely a screen cover. It hides quite a lot of the cool details and the Pokémon’s CP number, only leaving room for a couple of on-screen controls. More frustratingly, it certainly won’t be usable for gym battles and makes navigating on the augmented reality map much more difficult. This might mean taking it off and putting it back on again repeatedly – but at least it’ll save you tons of Poké Balls and trips to the Poké Stop. You can also wonder if this screen cover is a form of cheating, but just remember: everything goes in love, war and Pokémon.



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Ishmael wrote at 7/26/2016 10:57:21 PM:

https://youtu.be/O4u6H5VhjI4 This seems easier and doesn't look as idiotic...

dbclunie wrote at 7/26/2016 12:42:37 PM:

two pieces of masking tape works two!

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