Jul 25, 2016 | By Tess

While we’ve seen a number of beautiful 3D printed garments and fierce fashion pieces being walked down runways all over the world, we have not witnessed many fashion shows dedicated solely to the medium of additive manufacturing. That may be changing, however, as this past weekend Japanese car manufacturer Lexus and German lifestyle startup Voxelworld teamed up to introduce Germany’s first 3D printed fashion show.

The fashion show, called “3D Fashion presented by Lexus”, was introduced as part of this year’s Platform Fashion event in Düsseldorf, Germany. The 3D printed pieces that made up the specialized collection were the products of 13 designers from the United States, Asia, and Europe, who dedicated themselves to creating stunning runway pieces with the help of CAD design and 3D printing technology.

Voxelworld, which was founded in July 2015 by Michael Medweth and Oliver Cynamon, is an online lifestyle shop that collaborates with designers from around the world to bring its clients unique 3D printed pieces. While they offer a wide range of pieces and objects, including art, home decor, accessories and jewelry, fashion has certainly taken center stage these past few days. With Lexus’ support and partnership, the special 3D printed clothing collection was made possible.

Cynamon said of the collaboration, “We’re pleased that we’ve found a partner in Lexus that shares our fascination for the innovative power of 3D printing and has joined us in bringing the technology’s creative potential to the catwalk.”

Jörg Steier, Brand manager of Lexus Forum Düsseldorf, added, “Lexus stands for innovation, resource-saving production and new technologies. With our partner Voxelworld, we are now setting new standards in fashion design and production.”

Included in the runway show were pieces by New York based designer Alexis Walsh, whose stunningly provocative spire dress is one of our favorite 3D printed dresses, and Sabina Saga, whose 3D printed headpieces and intricate dress undoubtedly blew the audience away. One can imagine that seeing the 3D printed designs following each other down the catwalk one after another would certainly be inspiring especially in regards to the future of 3D printing in fashion.

Overall, the 3D printed fashion show featured some undeniably impressive designs, and showcased the potential of not only a number of emerging designers from around the globe, but also of a new manufacturing technology and process. That is, not only has 3D printing allowed for new types of fashion designs, but it has opened the doors for a slew of new manufacturing materials, processes, and even a new manufacturing ethos.

To get a glimpse into 3D Fashion presented by Lexus, check out the photos below:

Photos by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Platform Fashion



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mwh wrote at 7/25/2016 6:47:43 PM:

I love 3d printing, but I don't know why so much fuss is made of these types of fashion when no one would wear them out in public.

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