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The Emirate of Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates, is quickly becoming known for adopting a very wide range of technological innovations – including 3D printing. But their most eye-catching successes can definitely be found in the construction and architectural sectors, which has resulted in mesmerizing structures such as the Burj Al Arab (known as the world’s only seven star hotel) and the Palm Islands. But the undisputed masterpiece is certainly the Burj Khalifa: the tallest structure in the world. While already a prominent tourist destination that is displayed on countless Dubai souvenirs, visitors can now also find 3D printed Burj Khalifa statues in the building’s gift shop.

This cool souvenir was just announced by the building’s tourist office. And if you’re going to 3D print any structure, it might as well be a world champion. For the Burj Khalifa holds numerous records. For starters, it’s the tallest structure in the world, standing at 829.8m (2,722ft) – about 300 meters taller than the Willis Tower in Chicago. As a result, it also holds other records, such as having the highest outdoor observation deck in the world (on the 124th floor), and the world’s highest swimming pool (the 76th floor).

The remarkable skyscraper has been under development since 2004, and was inaugurated back in 2010 on the fourth anniversary of the Accession Day of Shaikh Mohammad as the Ruler of Dubai. Largely made from reinforced concrete, Dubai’s main attraction features a massive 57 elevators – some of which travel as far as 504 meters. In short, we cannot think of a better structure to 3D print. You can check out the souvenir in the clip below, as it is 3D printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printer.

But of course this cool little souvenir also serves as a reminder for Dubai’s 3D printing activities. For the Emirate is quickly becoming known as a staunch ally of 3D printing. Just a few months ago, Dubai unveiled their own Dubai 3D Printing Strategy, which aims to make the country the 3D printing capital of the world by 2030. As part of that strategy, 3D printing is already being brought to the construction, medical and consumer product industries (including this fully functional 3D printed office building), while the Dubai Future Foundation just announced numerous societal projects involving 3D printing as well. As this 3D printed souvenir illustrates, the technology is quickly becoming an integral part of Dubai.



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