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WhiteClouds, a leading 3D printing cloud provider, has acquired Sandboxr, a company which works with video game developers to create 3D printed video game collectibles which can be delivered to a customer’s door. WhiteClouds will adopt Sandboxr’s patented configurator software.

Gamers who like to mix the virtual with the physical may be familiar with Sandboxr, a 3D printing service through which customers can order 3D printed collectibles of characters and items from their favorite games. While there are clever ways to rip data from games and convert the extracted files into a 3D printable format, the success of Sandboxr and similar platforms has exemplified the demand for professional, official 3D printing services in the video game community. In its effort to become the premier provider of 3D printed video game collectibles, the company has formed partnerships with video game giants like LionsGate, Nintendo, Microsoft, Amazon, WarGaming, Cartoon Network, and Disney Interactive, and today announced its acquisition by WhiteClouds, one of the world’s leading 3D printing cloud providers.

WhiteClouds, powered by its unique 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) platform, currently manufactures high-quality 3D printed models for clients in the architecture, medical, and entertainment sectors, as well as others. And despite demonstrating an impressive global reach, the company was lacking experience in the video game industry, where Sandboxr has established itself as an important player. By acquiring Sandboxr, WhiteClouds appears to have placed the final piece of its own puzzle, standing to further improve its reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of 3D printing services.

“As one of the most recognizable names in 3D printing technology today, Sandboxr will be a tremendous asset to WhiteClouds” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds. “Through groundbreaking solutions and dedication to redefining 3D printing as we know it, this partnership strengthens WhiteClouds positioning as the most comprehensive and innovative 3D printing Cloud provider today.”

As well as extending its own services to the video game industry, WhiteClouds’ acquisition of Sandboxr will also enable the cloud service provider to adopt Sandboxr’s patented configurator software, used to turn animated characters into 3D models. WhiteClouds believes that this software, with its ability to automate the conversion of billions of poses and customizable options from 2D digital to 3D objects, could be adapted for uses outside of the video game world. The software will tie directly into WhiteClouds’ existing software setup, opening additional creative avenues for a broad range of customers and offering personalized packaging and post-processing options.

Sandboxr’s app allows gamers to order 3D printed models of their favorite video game characters, customizing their pose, props, and appearance to their exact specifications. Last year, the company teamed with Amazon and 3D Systems to develop an Amazon widget which customers could use to customize 3D printed models through the Amazon shopfront. Over 35 characters from the Smite, Primal Carnage and Infinity Blade franchises were made available through the collaboration.

Sandboxr believes its acquisition by WhiteClouds will enable it to take its services to the next level, bringing 3D printed video game collectibles to a wider audience than ever before. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with this union,” said TJ Young, President of Sandboxr. “WhiteClouds is a giant in the world of 3D printing. Combining our technologies adds an unprecedented level of sophistication that is not just good for the parties involved, but great for the entire 3D printing industry.”



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