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A German startup named VentureBit is seeking funds for its novel desktop plastic shredder through a Kickstarter campaign. The product, called SHRED-Buddy3D, can help you to transform leftover filament, plastic bottles, and a range of other plastic scraps into plastic granules, which in turn can be transformed into ready-to-use 3D printer filament. If you’ve been looking to add a filament recycling system to your at-home 3D printing lab, the SHRED-Buddy3D could be it.

The SHRED-Buddy3D, itself made of mostly 3D printed plastic parts, is designed to work with either a Cordless Screwdriver or a Drill Press Jig and is capable of shredding and pelletizing a number of different types of plastic, from leftover filament bits, to cable ties, to fishing line, to plastic bottles and more. According to VentureBit’s crowdfunding campaign page, users of the SHRED-Buddy3D can even control the feedrate and direction of the shredding thanks to the device’s specially designed stepper motor.

The shredding device is mounted on an 8mm thick, melamine coated wooden board which can be adjusted in terms of height, and most of the shredder’s body is made from 3D printed parts. As explained on the product’s Kickstarter page, the shredder is also equipped with a High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bit, and replaceable cutting blades. The SHRED-Buddy3D’s prototype was programmed with an Arduino mini, but the final version will be built with a ATtiny85. The desktop shredder can be powered by a 12V power supply.

As mentioned, the SHRED-Buddy3D turns plastic scraps into pellets, granules, and flakes, which are used as the raw material for making 3D printing filament. WIth this in mind, the multi-material shredder is being geared towards makers who own or work with pellet or filament extruder 3D printers, or injection moulding machines. The desktop device also comes with an optional bottle slicer attachment, which can be used to easily turn plastic PET bottles into plastic strips.

The Kickstarter campaign, which launched on July 25th, 2016, will be running until August 8th and is hoping to raise €4,500 (about $5,023). So far, the campaign has only raised €600, so whether we will see the SHRED-Buddy3D come to fruition remains to be seen. In terms of rewards VentureBit is offering backers an early bird special for the Drill Press version of the SHRED-Buddy3D for €130 (it will be €140 standard price), and €145 for the cordless screwdriver version (€155 standard price). Both versions of the shredder come with two stainless steel material feeding insert tubes, a guide adapter for round and flat materials, a support plate and clamp, a bottle slicer accessrory, and two replacement blades for the bottle slicer. Backers will also be entitled to free upgrades to the shredder through .STL files.

If the Kickstarter campaign is a success, backers can expect to receive their rewards by January of next year.



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ILYAS wrote at 10/30/2018 9:18:16 AM:

Hello Interesting machine, I want to learn more about it . Pls send details and prices at

Carlos Grande wrote at 9/5/2017 5:10:19 PM:

This shred machine how much , and can be delivered to England uk? My E-mail for contact Regards Carlos

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