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The cheongsam, also known as the qípáo in Mandarin, has been a staple in Chinese women’s fashion since the 1920s. The iconic dress style, with its characteristic high cut and elegant neckline and its simple, body-hugging form, has also become a symbol for Chinese fashion around the globe and has influenced Western designers over the past century as well. Now, the timeless cheongsam has been brought into the technological age through a collaborative effort between the Tsinghua University Arts and Science Center and Jiangsu based 3D printing solutions company Seegine 3D Printing.

Together, the Tsinghua University Arts and Science Center and Seegine 3D Printing have introduced what could very well be the world’s first 3D printed cheongsam. The stunning 3D printed dress, which came in two variations, was presented last week at the Beijing Fashion: Create the Future event, which was held by Beijing Fashion Holding Co., Ltd. The two styles of the dress were inspired by blooming flowers and butterflies, respectively, which can be seen in each of the dresses petal and butterfly wing details.

For the making of the dresses, an interdisciplinary team from the Tsinghua University Arts and Science combined their design, fashion, and tech know-how to design the 3D printable models. From there, they enlisted the help of Seegine 3D Printing and Shenzhen Sunshine Laser Devices Co. for the manufacturing of the dresses, which was done on a EOS-P760 3D printer out of a nylon material. The 3D printed dresses, which were each made in a single print, took about 5 days to 3D print and process.

Dong Zunxian, the General Manager of Seegine 3D Printing, said of the project: “Our experience in the automotive field of 3D printing has facilitated the technological base of this 3D printing project. While a 3D printed dress may seem much simpler than a car, there were in fact many technical difficulties and challenges. For example, for the chain structure of the “blooming” 3D printed dress, we needed to consider costume design, art design, and structure design, and balance each of them.”

The 3D printed cheongsams were also realized with the help of a number of other parties, including the Beijing Garment and Textile Industry Association, and Beijing Fashion magazine. The whole process, which from start to finish took only about a few months time, culminated in a successful runway debut which attracted more than 160 people. While the stunning 3D printed fashion pieces do not resemble classic cheongsams, the modern technological twist taken on the iconic fashion piece is certainly an achievement.



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