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Seattle-based startup JumpStartCSR was founded in 2015 with the goal of offering innovative solutions for predicting, preventing, and mitigating musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), accelerating rehabilitation, and improving performance. Its process, if you haven't already guessed, involves a novel approach that combines intelligent footbeds, a cognitive expert system, and 3D printing to deliver personalized ergonomic products such as custom footbeds.

The new hardware-enabled Software as a Service (SaaS) company is essentially seeking to offer users and health and fitness professionals a way to predict and prevent MSDs, accelerate rehabilitation, and even improve performance for those at risk of or suffering from MSDs, such as seniors, athletes, and employees. By using a multifaceted system that involves wearable sensors, a cognitive expert system, a user-friendly interactive interface, and 3D printing, JumpStartCSR will also be turning individualized user data into personalized ergonomic products which, because of the benefits afforded by 3D printing hubs, can be made locally to the client for pick-up or fast shipping.

To explain in more depth, the system that JumpStartCSR has created, which its founders have called Holmz, can be broken down into pretty straightforward steps. First, clients will be sent a smart "semi-custom footbed" based on shoe make, model, and size that can be inserted into their shoe and charged with an induction charger. Next, through the Holmz's interface, clients will be prompted to create an account, which will consist of filling out a profile and setting up their dashboard, biofeedback and goals. The third step, "Use," will then simply consist of performing daily activities while Holmz collects data, provides biofeedback and alerts, and monitors for MSD risks and progress.​

Users have the ability to determine what data they want to share, when they want to share it, with whom, and under what circumstances. For example, users can share selected data with with fitness experts, healthcare professionals, and others through secure connections. This step will allow users to connect and talk with health and fitness professionals on their own terms, let professionals make on-the-fly interventions which allow training program and treatment updates based on "evidence-based actionable insights," and ultimately improve user performance.

Through a process JumpStartCSR calls "Digital Materialization," Holmz also uses collected data to assess the need for the fabrication of personalized ergonomic products such as custom footbeds. If, for example, a custom footbed is recommended, Holmz will design the custom footbed in a matter of minutes and provide a rationale for the design which the user can share with health and fitness professionals. Holmz will upload the custom footbed design to an available 3D printer nearest the user for pickup or local delivery if the user decides to purchase the custom footbed.



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