Aug 19, 2016 | By Tess

Well-made running shoes which take comfort, support, and performance into account can cost a pretty penny, but for those who run on a regular basis, a pair of high quality shoes can make all the difference. With new technologies like 3D scanning and 3D printing, however, why break the bank for simply well-made running shoes, when you can up the ante with shoes that are custom fit to your feet. If this sounds like a better option, you’ll be excited to hear that footwear tech company SOLS has partnered with athletic footwear brand Rykä to develop a line of shoes for women that can be custom fitted to their feet with SOLS’ innovative 3D printed orthotics.

Rykä, which has been designing athletic footwear for women for years, is one of the first shoe brands to offer SOLS’ 3D printed orthotics, which are themselves custom made through SOLS’ patent-pending MAPP3D customization platform. SOLS, for its part, announced just months ago that it was opening up its customization platform for brand partnerships in the hopes of bringing customized footwear to mainstream markets.

Deb Krivelow, SVP and GM of Rykä said of the partnership: “Today’s consumer is looking for customization and comfort. Partnering with SOLS allows us to offer a truly customized product solution. This is just the beginning of unlocking the potential around 3D printing.”

Natacha Alpert, senior manager of innovation at Rykä’s parent company Caleres echoed the sentiment saying: “Introducing 3D printing technology positions Rykä into the forefront of the fast-moving needs of the industry while satisfying the needs of the consumer.”

Rykä, a company already known for its expertly made athletic shoes and for its consideration of foot shape, foot angle, and even stride, will be presenting the new 3D printed orthotics with SOLS at the SCW Mania Fitness Conference in Dallas, Texas from August 26th to 28th. In fact, the event will also coincide with the launch of the new SOLS products which will be available exclusively to RykäFit customers for a limited time. RykäFit, for those unfamiliar, is a member-based fitness professional purchase program.

According to SOLS, which has since its founding in 2013 raised $23.7 million in funding, it will also be partnering with other footwear brands in the near future, though no formal announcements have yet been made. Through their various upcoming partnerships, the footwear tech company will expand its innovative MAPP3D plug-and-play customization platform and ultimately offer clients an integrated way to order custom-fitted shoes.

“Rykä’s approach to female biomechanics is exemplary, and mirrors our own vision that no two feet are made equal,” said Kegan Schouwenburg, SOLS founder and CEO. “This makes them the ideal launch partner for our platform. By partnering with Rykä, we’re reducing the reliance on aftermarket products for customized support, and ensuring a perfect fit every time. We love that a female focused brand is leading the charge towards mass customization.”

There is no word yet on how much the customized women's shoes will cost or when they will available to the public.



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