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Australian 3D printing company 333D (former 3D Group) is scheduled to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) as of this Thursday, August 25th and expectations are high, in part due to an affiliation you might be surprised to hear about. That is, not only is the Melbourne-based company an emerging manufacturer and seller of 3D printers, but it has an exclusive deal with the Australian Football League (AFL) to manufacture official 3D printed merchandise--think 3D printed player figurines, special edition medallions or coins, and more.

3D Group initially attracted industry buzz with its large 3D printer featured prominently at a Melbourne Expo in July 2014. However at the end of 2014, the company's founders were in disputes and co-founder John Conidi placed the company in voluntary administration. Weeks later, Conidi registered a new company called 333D Pty Ltd. which purchased all of 3D Group's assets from the administrator who dealt with the VA.

Since the founding of 333D Pty Ltd. the company has done relatively well as they signed an agreement with the Australian Football League in September, 2015, to manufacture 3D printed merchandise for the league. In addition to the exclusive merchandise deal, 333D stands out because of its current shareholders, which include the former AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou, Australian television presenter and president of the Collingwood Football Club Eddie McGuire, and recognized financial journalist Alan Kohler. Conidi, who also runs Capitol Health, a prominent Australian medical imaging company, has worked with Demetriou before as the former AFL CEO currently chairs Capitol Health.

Former AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou

Eddie McGuire

Alan Kohler

With such established and recognized shareholders already on board with the young company, and with the exclusive 3D printed merchandise deal with Australia’s popular football league, 333D’s future seems promising. As 333D’s managing director Frank Pertile told SBS at the time of the AFL deal’s signing, “It shows great foresight and progressiveness from the people at the AFL in embracing this new technology and the possibilities that it does lead us into. We see it as a genuine opportunity to develop some really unique and exclusive 3D printable content."

As mentioned, 333D will be listed on the ASX as of this Thursday and will hit the market with a $14 million cap. In other cases, Australian 3D printing companies have done exceptionally well on the ASX, signifying the country’s vested interest in developing advanced additive manufacturing technologies.

For instance, Perth-based Aurora Labs (listed at A3D) debuted on the ASX just last week to a very promising start. The metal 3D printing company, which has even garnered interest from such institutions as NASA, offered 14 million shares with a prospectus price of 20 cents and proceeded to open at 54 cents per share (finally closing at 49.5 cents). Since then, Aurora Lab’s stocks have risen as high as $1.28 and currently sit at $1.18.

While we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what happens with 333D’s ASX listing, if Aurora Labs is any indication about the promise of 3D printing technologies in Australia, the AFL partner company should do quite well. Be sure to check back on Thursday about the actual listing price.



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Not 333D wrote at 8/23/2016 8:58:47 PM:

Not 333D wrote at 8/23/2016 8:55:38 PM:

I would not put 1 cent into 333D (former 3D Group), bunch of con artists trying to make big $$ out of this thing called "3d printing" They don't have anything new, they bought a bunch of printers. What they hell they were evening selling 3d pens!!

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