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Haydale Graphene Industries PLC, one of the leaders in developing graphene enhanced filaments, has recently announced that it has acquired Innophene, a Thailand-based graphene enhanced conductive ink and composites manufacturer, in an all-share deal. The acquisition marks a significant step in UK-based Haydale Graphene Industries’ expansion into the Asian market.

Haydale Graphene Industries PLC, which is expected to release a new line of Graphene enhanced PLA filaments through its subsidiary Haydale Composite Solutions next month, has reportedly already begun trials and testing for Innophene’s own products, which include a range of graphene-enhanced transparent conductive inks for inkjet and other 3D printing systems, and a new graphene-enhanced PLA resin (commonly used in medical devices and 3D printing) that can have color added to it. This last feature was achieved through a process wherein Innophene was able to establish optimal mechanical and barrier performance without sacrificing the material’s transparency.

As part of the deal, Haydale will pay a total of £311,665 in new shares to acquire Innophene, which was itself founded in 2011 in association with the Thailand National Science & Technology Development Agency. According to Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale Graphene Industries, the expansion into the far east, especially into Thailand, will offer a number of advantages to Haydale’s operations including access to the Thailand Science Park and its state-of-the-art facilities as well as a number of low cost operatives and input from Innophene’s innovative scientists.

Thailand Science Park

As the company states: “A key benefit of the acquisition to Haydale is Innophene's ability to harness local expertise to design and develop high value applications for the carbon based Organic and Printed Electronic market. Their graphene inks are suitable for screen, roll to roll and inkjet printing and can be printed on a range of materials.”

As part of the acquisition, Haydale has announced it will be shipping one of its HT60 plasma reactors to Innophene’s labs at the Thailand Science Park, and is expected to ship a second one in 2017 to keep up with growing demands in the region. The plasma reactor is a key part of Haydale’s graphene inks and nanomaterials manufacturing process as it has opened the doors for a both time and cost efficient method of treating and enhancing raw materials, such as graphene.

Ultimately, the acquisition will allow Haydale to expand its products for sale, which as mentioned will grow on the home front as well as of the end of September. Specifically, Haydale will be launching its own graphene-enhanced PLA 3D printing filaments at the additive manufacturing TCT Show in Birmingham on September 28th and 29th, 2016.

CEO Ray Gibbs

Gibbs adds about the acquisition: “We have been working with the Innophene team for over 9 months, where they have carried out a number of projects for us. The analytical and application development facilities that they have access to on the Thailand Science Park is substantial and we have been impressed with the quality and speed of their response…There is a need for investment by Haydale in the form of our plasma reactor(s) and a processing laboratory. However, this strategic move is set to ensure a rapid response and application engineering support to the fast moving Far East market.”

Mr. Komrit Sajjaanantakul, Managing Director of Innophene, echoed this statement saying: We are excited to be a part of Haydale as we see great opportunities by working together. The technology and know-how developed at Haydale, especially in composites, will create new materials. As we know, the Asia markets are maturing and fast moving especially where new technologies are concerned. We believe that it is the right time for Haydale to establish an Asia R&D hub here, and are confident that our customers will be excited about our full services and applications solutions from Haydale Technologies in Thailand.”

As the acquisition moves forward, Ray Gibbs and Matt Wood of Haydale will join Innophene’s board, and once the acquisition is complete, the Thai company will effectively be renamed Haydale Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited (HTT). Mr Komkrit Sajjaanantakul will stay on as managing director of HTT.



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