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As a maker, if you’ve found that many 3D modeling softwares are either too simplified or too advanced for your skills, perhaps ScratchyCAD, a new parametric 3D design software will be for you. The new program, which will be launching through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on October 1st, 2016, is hoping to offer makers and aspiring 3D designers a comprehensive platform through which they can create 3D objects in a block-based programming language. The versatile software will not only be geared towards 3D models for printing, however, as it will also be equipped for generating animations, videogames, and interactive 3D websites for VR viewing.

As part of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, ScratchyCAD will reportedly also be offering a number of courses aimed at teaching beginners the various applications of the software, which include parametric modeling for 3D printable models, VR, video game design, and more. Through the courses, ScratchyCAD hopes its new approach to 3D modeling will become accessible to all levels of maker, and even be adopted in classrooms to promote STEAM education.

According to the startup, ScratchyCAD is different from other existing 3D modeling softwares in the way that it combines computer programming and CAD through a drag and drop style interface. Through said interface, users can easily apply complex programming functions in order to adjust and define the 3D objects they are designing. Such functions include shapes, arrays, materials, lights, and simulations.

The way of modeling that ScratchyCad uses, called parametric design, is essentially based on the relationship between various parameters or elements which effectively manipulate and define the 3D object’s structure and geometry. That means that modifying a model can be done easily by simply adjusting a single parameter, rather than redoing the whole thing. This design precision can actually cut back on the design time significantly. This way of modeling is traditionally used by more advanced designers, including architects, engineers, and professional designers. With ScratchyCAD, however, the hope is to make this efficient but complex design paradigm more accessible to new users thanks to the drag and drop style.

Juan Carlos Orozco, the lead developer and author of ScratchyCAD, said of his upcoming software: “ScratchyCAD is a great tool for learning complex concepts like algorithmic and parametric design in a simple to use, beginner friendly interface, while maintaining enough complexity for advanced users to create 3D printable objects, VR worlds, simulations, and animations.”

The October 1st Kickstarter campaign will be seeking to raise $25,000 in funding from backers in order to further develop and refine the software and UX by diversifying features and programming workshops for all levels of designer. According to a press release, backers will be able to get their hands on a PRO license for the software for a pledge of only $10. Also, if you happen to be attending the World Maker Faire in New York City on October 1st and 2nd, ScratchyCAD will be there demonstrating its software to visitors.



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